[packagekit] Do we need a Resolve() method?

Tom Parker palfrey at tevp.net
Fri Sep 21 11:17:57 PDT 2007

Richard Hughes wrote:
> I think we need a Resolve() method that can take "openoffice-clipart"
> and turn it into "openoffice-clipart;1.234;i386;fedora" for the
> circumstance that we know the _exact_ package name "openoffice-clipart"
> but want to find the package_id so we can install it.
> This would let other programs just install using a simple client side
> resolve and then install, rather than having to hardcode a packageid, or
> get the backends to decode a partial package_id. It also lets us do
> "pkcon install openoffice" rather than using the packageid. Comments?

Got my vote. How would that be done? Doing a package name search on 
backend, and handing over the first exact match? Or will this require 
new backend code?


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