[packagekit] Changing the Package signal

Ken VanDine ken at vandine.org
Sun Sep 30 19:21:44 PDT 2007

When I updated the search method, returning "installed" seems to give
the opposite result in the UI.  And same for "available".  I suspect
the UI has it turned around... or I hope.  But my C is to weak to see
the fix.


On 9/30/07, Richard Hughes <hughsient at gmail.com> wrote:
> >From TODO: convert the magic number in Package to a string type
> I've just committed to master a change in the callback of Signal. The
> old callback relied on a magic number to mean different things for
> different situations, and was very fragile and against the spirit of the
> dbus interface as it was not self documenting.
> The new callback is exactly the same, but uses enumerated types. You can
> see what I mean looking at the commit
> 50f55e02c2bd35a39b5425f08eec2e5d94223606 - basically the compiled
> backends just use PK_INFO_ENUM_INSTALLED rather than "1" and the helper
> backends now have to return "available" rather than "0".
> I've converted the compiled backends (still, probably a good idea to
> check) and had a stab at the yum backend (probably wrong) - I've not
> touched the conary backend as it looked more complicated. It will
> probably take about 2 minutes to convert this - sorry - my python skills
> are very limited.
> So basically, the old mapping to new mapping is thus:
> When searching:
> 1       installed       PK_INFO_ENUM_INSTALLED
> 0       available       PK_INFO_ENUM_AVAILABLE
> When getting updates:
> 0       normal          PK_INFO_ENUM_NORMAL
> 1       security        PK_INFO_ENUM_SECURITY
> 2       important       PK_INFO_ENUM_IMPORTANT
> 3       low             PK_INFO_ENUM_LOW
> When processing packages:
> 0       downloading     PK_INFO_ENUM_DOWNLOADING
> 1       installing      PK_INFO_ENUM_INSTALLING
> x       removing        PK_INFO_ENUM_REMOVING
> Ken/Elliot - can you yell when you've made the few changes to the conary
> backend, and also Tim/Whoever for the yum backend. You can use the
> INFO_* defines I've added in packagekit.py. When these are done I'll
> push to fd.o.
> Thanks,
> Richard.
> p.s. this is hopefully the last API change before 0.1.0 - there will be
> one more signal added, but nothing that requires backend changes.
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Ken VanDine

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