[packagekit] How do I use PackageKit?

Richard Hughes hughsient at gmail.com
Mon Aug 11 01:50:16 PDT 2008

On Fri, 2008-08-08 at 19:20 -0700, dantti85-pk at yahoo.com.br wrote:
> Today i was looking at "How do I use PackageKit?"
> section on the pk web site and notice that
> lipackagekit-qt could be included too.

Sure, I wrote that page before you guys had working code. :-)

> I mean you explain about the lipackagekit
> but there's nothing mentioning the qt version...

Sure. Do you have any text in mind? Feel free to patch the html in
doc/html/pk-*.html and commit the result.

> Is it necessary to have docs about it?


> cause if so i don't think it will be a
> huge problem.. i can help Adrien with that...

Sure, if you don't have docs then a lot fewer people will use your
library -- I've found the good docs in libpackagekit made a big
difference to the users of PackageKit.

> and btw you say there about pkcon,
> but IMHO it's impossible to get a package
> installed with pkcon, why:
> daniel at hommer:~/code/packagekit/pkbin$ ./bin/pkcon search name
> polkit-dbus
> installed       libpolkit-dbus2-0.8-2
> library for accessing PolicyKit via D-Bus
> installed       libpolkit-dbus-dev-0.8-2
> library for accessing PolicyKit via D-Bus - development files
> ok now with this info try to install a package :P
> daniel at hommer:~/code/packagekit/pkbin$ ./bin/pkcon install
> libpolkit-dbus2-0.8-2
> Command failed:  Could not find package to install:
> libpolkit-dbus2-0.8-2

Sure, you want to use either the package ID, or the package name - not
the name-version.

> That's obvious pkcon need a package ID
> but there is no method (at least i never found)
> that can give me this info...

I think showing the user package_id's would be a mistake, as they are
not easy to understand.

> I think it should be a hidden tool for
> we that develop packagekit..

I normally use:

pkcon --verbose resolve PackageKit

and then look at the debug text.

> If Bevan check packagekit web site he
> might get angry with this message...
> Command failed:  Could not find package to install:
> libpolkit-dbus2-0.8-2

Sure. pkcon needs a much better man page, but sure, maybe we need to
make the message "make sure you type the package name correctly" -- what
about that.


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