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Sebastian Heinlein glatzor at ubuntu.com
Fri Aug 15 06:59:21 PDT 2008

Am Donnerstag, den 14.08.2008, 15:50 -0700 schrieb
dantti85-pk at yahoo.com.br:
> Hi, i just updated my local packagekit
> and i saw that the apt backend was fixed for the
> kind of updates.
> the strange thing was that it had a blocked
> update, looking at the enums i saw that it
> exists but gnome-packagekit didn't have a 
> text = g_strdup_printf (ngettext ("%i bloked update", "%i blocked
> updates", number), number);
> so i added,
> but what is a blocked update anyway!? is like a conflicting update?
> that i can't install but is there??

For the apt backend we only support upgrades which don't require any
other package to be installed or to be removed.

It is in the end only an "apt-get update".

The blocked ones, are packages which are upgradable, since there is a new version available, but which cannot be handled by the above mentioned method.

> well if this is it, should i present a checkbox to the user to
> check it?
> if it's blocked i think the user shouldn't be able to
> select it right?

Right, the checkbox should be insensitive.

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