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Trever Fischer wm161 at wm161.net
Tue Dec 2 10:42:15 PST 2008

Hi, all. Sorry about not reading this thread earlier. Finals are next week (my 
last one is dec 12th), so I've been trying to concentrate on finishing up my 
end of term projects and studying.

On Friday 28 November 2008 05:23:09 am Thomas Goettlicher wrote:
> Hi.
> I want to send a summary of the discussion about possible KPackagekit
> features (see below). Thanks to all contributors for their ideas.
> Thomas
> 1. Warn and Add when No Update Repository is Defined
> ----------------------------------------------------
> The frontend could shows a warning when no update repository exists and
> gives the user a chance to add an update repository.
> The backends that can detect whether update repos are missing send a
> warning if no update repo exists:
> C: GetUpdates()
> S: ::Warning(NO_UPDATE_REPOS_CONFIGURED, "no update repos are
> configured")
> S: ::Finished(SUCCESS)
> The frontend shows a notification with a localized warning and a button
> to add an update repo. A script 'pk-config-update-repo.sh' (similar to
> 'pk-upgrade-distro.sh') should add an update repo.
Didn't know that some repos did that. Sounds good though.

> 2. Manual Installation on Errors
> --------------------------------
> On errors KPackageKit should be able to call the distro specific
> packagemanager as this can deal with complex scenarios like dependency
> conflicts.
So I assume we just add some generic code to run the native package manager 
and the distros can patch in the program called? Or would a user setting 
(still patchable by the distro) be better off so they can change it for custom 
optoins later (eg change yum to yum --nogpgcheck or something)? How does 
gnome-PackageKit plan on doing this?

> 3. Distribution Upgrade
> -----------------------
> When the backend signalizes an available distro upgrade the frontend
> calls pk-upgrade-distro.sh. This script needs to be extended for SUSE.
Makes me all tingly thinking that KPackageKit can have a tigher integration in 

> 4. Send System Profile
> ----------------------
> This isn't a feature for PackageKit.
> 5. Postpone Operation when System isn't Ready
> ---------------------------------------------
> When the system is busy, on battery or not connected to the network
> checking for updates or installation of updates should wait until the
> system is ready (or the user explicitly wants this operation).
> KDE provides:
> Solid::Networking::status()
> Solid::Battery::isPlugged()
> Solid::PowerManagement::appShouldConserveResources()
I thought about this some time ago but haven't had a chance to implement it 

> 6. Disable Auto Suspend while Operation
> ---------------------------------------
> While package installation power management auto suspend should be
> disabled.
> KDE provides:
> Solid::PowerManagement::beginSuppressingSleep()
> Solid::PowerManagement::stopSuppressingSleep()
Same thing.

> 7. Install Firmware and Drivers
> -------------------------------
> a) Search and install firmware that belongs to files
> in /var/run/PackageKit/udev/*.
> b) When Solid::DeviceNotifier signalizes an attached device, the
> frontend asks using WhatProvides(drivers) for appropriate drivers.
> Each backend has its own magic to find drivers and firmware.
Quick question since I'm between classes, what goes in that directory?
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