[packagekit] Ruck, an old-new alternative command line interface for PackageKit

Aidan Skinner aidan at skinner.me.uk
Mon Dec 15 15:04:21 PST 2008

On Mon, 2008-12-15 at 10:19 +0000, Richard Hughes wrote:
> On Mon, 2008-12-15 at 00:13 +0000, Aidan Skinner wrote:
> > I've pushed a port of rum (http://code.google.com/p/rum) to PackageKit.
> > Rum's a port of rug (the Red Carpet command line client) to yum, and
> > ruck is the same thing but it speaks to package kit. 
> I've integrated this into the buildsystem as I don't want multiple
> builds in one project. I've also fixed a few typos. You probably also

Cool, thanks. 

> want to add yourself to AUTHORS in the project directory. There's also a
> lot of yum specific stuff remaining there too.

Yeah. I'm planning on porting the bits that can be ported to PackageKit
over the next few weeks and moving the bits that can't to a separate

The one thing in that class that immediately springs to mind is that
there's no way of locking packages that I can find. My C is useless
though, so I can't do much about that.

> I now get:
> [hughsie at hughsie-work PackageKit]$ ruck lu
> ERROR: PackageKitPackage instance has no attribute '__getitem__'
> Ideas?

Ugh, my bad. Fixed in 3b89aceed762b80e7c16b4011271ac072cb6af71

BTW, might be worth pulling in 0617678109bbb510cfdac83f382b22258ce82579
to 0.3.x if anybody is using client.py. If they were, they would
probably have noticed this though. 

- Aidan
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