[packagekit] RFC: Markup format

Trever Fischer wm161 at wm161.net
Wed Dec 17 15:42:05 PST 2008

On Wednesday 17 December 2008 05:55:48 pm Sebastian Heinlein wrote:
> I am against using a special markup. Most frontends use pango and so
> pango markup seems to be the natural choice to me.
And pango isn't a special markup? In terms of human readability, markdown 
blows pango away. Not every packager wants to learn some magic language to 
make us PackageKit people happy when they can just use the same formatting 
that they have used in generally markup-free free channels such as IRC, email, 
IM, package metadata, etc for ages.

> Why should the frontend/client convert markdown to pango markup?
Similar question: why should a console client convert pango to a human-
readable format?
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