[packagekit] RFC: standardising on search terms

Val L. onestep at ukr.net
Wed Dec 24 03:26:32 PST 2008

This will be useful, but we'll need to create comparator functions, and I think they will be slow. There is a search standard, that is simple to add support for - it is regexp. ;) More than that, ALPM already support it. And, finally, this can be not a backend job at all. Simple way is to call get_packages and grep the whole list for regexp/other matches. But this will be slow too. Regards, Val L. --- Original Message --- From: Richard Hughes To: packagekit Date: 21 december, 22:52:29 Subject: [packagekit] RFC: standardising on search terms > At the moment we don't specify any sort of standard used for the search > term for the SearchName or SearchDetails methods. > > I think it's a good idea these methods are case insensitive, but I'm not > sure about the following search syntaxes: > > * gnome manager power > * gnome-power-* > * gnome-?????-manager (exact char length match) > * gnome OR power OR manager > * Device AND ( Power OR Disk ) > > At the moment we don't specify any 
format, and disallow wildcard > characters such as ' ', * and ?. I would really like to come to an > agreed standard across all backends. Ideas welcome. Thanks. > > Richard. >
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