[packagekit] String Validation vs Multiple Search Terms

Sebastian Heinlein glatzor at ubuntu.com
Mon Feb 25 17:14:02 PST 2008

Am Dienstag, den 26.02.2008, 01:31 +0100 schrieb Richard Hughes:
> On Tue, 2008-02-26 at 01:01 +0100, Sebastian Heinlein wrote:
> > since apt2 now makes use of the xapian database I would like to have
> > multiple term searches. pk_strvalidate_char does not allow this.
> Do you mean separated by a space? If we change this, then we need to
> specify what to do in clients that only support searching for one thing.
> What would/should the opkg or yum backends do if you passed them "media
> player"?

Actually I was quite surprised that the search does only allow one term.
Not allowing the user to search for "mp3 player" is not very nice. It is
ok for the name search but not for the details search.

The backends cannot be enhanced?

> > By the way the search engine could even handle boolean expressions and
> > tag searcher (a special syntax using ::).
> I don't think any magic syntax is a good idea - it's just not
> discoverable. Can't we just use the tag search in the search detail
> method?

Since it does not appear in the user interface I am not worried about
it. It is a nice advanced feature that could be named in "tips and
tricks" howtos.
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