[packagekit] Display of update details in pk-update-viewer

Matthias Clasen matthias.clasen at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 06:46:08 PST 2008

I think the way pk-update-viewer currently presents the update details
is far from optimal. I like the pup approach to this much better, and
have written a little patch to add a similar display to
pk-update-viewer (it improves on pup by actually theming

A screenshot can be seen here: http://people.redhat.com/mclasen/details.png

As you can see, I've also moved the "Update package" button to the
action area, where it imo belongs.

One thing I haven't done yet (and which is a little tricky) is to make
the window resize when the expander is toggled to keep the package
list from shrinking (one of Davids complaints).

if people think this is worth exploring further, I can provide a patch.

One thing that became clear while working on this is that PK doesn't
currently provide adaequate information for
updates. The yum metadata has more fields that are currently missing
(some of them pretty essential, I think)

- update id (this would also be important to display in the
transaction history, so that it is easy to check if a certain update
has been installed)
- title
- issue date (this would be nice to include in the list so that the
updates can be sorted by age)
- bug and cve references including title and href

It would be pretty nice if these fields could be (optionally) included
in the update details provided by PK. Of course, you will have all
kinds of fun funneling this through the single-line-of-ascii interface
to the helpers...

One more thing that I noticed: the severity classification currently has
low/normal/important/security. It would be nice if one could
discriminate "bug-fix update" from "feature enhancement"


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