[packagekit] Display of update details in pk-update-viewer

Tim Lauridsen tim.lauridsen at googlemail.com
Thu Jan 3 04:00:15 PST 2008

Matthias Clasen wrote:
> I think the way pk-update-viewer currently presents the update details
> is far from optimal. I like the pup approach to this much better, and
> have written a little patch to add a similar display to
> pk-update-viewer (it improves on pup by actually theming
> correctly...).
> A screenshot can be seen here: http://people.redhat.com/mclasen/details.png
> As you can see, I've also moved the "Update package" button to the
> action area, where it imo belongs.
> One thing I haven't done yet (and which is a little tricky) is to make
> the window resize when the expander is toggled to keep the package
> list from shrinking (one of Davids complaints).
> if people think this is worth exploring further, I can provide a patch.
> One thing that became clear while working on this is that PK doesn't
> currently provide adaequate information for
> updates. The yum metadata has more fields that are currently missing
> (some of them pretty essential, I think)
> - update id (this would also be important to display in the
> transaction history, so that it is easy to check if a certain update
> has been installed)
> - title
> - issue date (this would be nice to include in the list so that the
> updates can be sorted by age)
> - bug and cve references including title and href

Sound good to me, i have just work on fixing the get-update-detail in 
the yum backend. the current code will send


package_id	The package ID
updates		A list of package_id's that are to be updated
obsoletes	A list of package_id's that are to be obsoletes
url	A URL with more details on the update, e.g. a security advisory

a list of URLs separated by ';', it can be URLs to bugzilla reports, CVEs

restart_enum	A valid restart type, e.g. "system"
'none' or 'system'

update_text	The update text describing the update in a non-localised 
way. Newlines should be converted to ";" before printed.

It looks like there is problem in the frontend to convert the ';' back 
to newlines.

We could add the other parameters to the signal.

> It would be pretty nice if these fields could be (optionally) included
> in the update details provided by PK. Of course, you will have all
> kinds of fun funneling this through the single-line-of-ascii interface
> to the helpers.

we use '\t' as a parameter separator and ';' as list element separator 
if a single parameter contains multiple values (or lines in a description)
So it should not be that hard.

the url could contain


<urltype> = (bugzilla|cve|other)
<href>	  =  The real URL
<urltext> = A decription to the url

> One more thing that I noticed: the severity classification currently has
> low/normal/important/security. It would be nice if one could
> discriminate "bug-fix update" from "feature enhancement"
> somehow.

I have fixed the yum backend so update severity is working

enhancement = low
bugfix = normal
security = security


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