[packagekit] conflicts

Matthias Clasen matthias.clasen at gmail.com
Fri Jan 4 22:35:12 PST 2008

I've just set up a little testcase involving 2 conflicting updates.
When trying to install the update, I see the proper error getting
generated by the backend:

 - stderr from 0x8cd98a8 = 'error	dep-resolution-failed	Error in
Dependency Resolution;otherapp conflicts with someapp'
TI:01:17:11	TH:0x8cca458	FI:pk-backend.c	FN:pk_backend_error_code,1038
 - emit error-code 11, Error in Dependency Resolution;otherapp
conflicts with someapp

But the error does not reach the UI. It does not show up as a bubble
on the statusicon,
and it is not reflected in the update-viewer UI either.


PS Curiously, pup installed the two conflicting updates without any
complaints, producing an inconsistent system. It does complain when
installing the updates one after the other...

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