[packagekit] A new design update viewer

Richard Hughes hughsient at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 13:32:28 PST 2008

On Tue, 2008-01-08 at 20:36 -0500, Matthias Clasen wrote: 
> On Jan 8, 2008 6:15 PM, Richard Hughes <hughsient at gmail.com> wrote:
> > On Sat, 2008-01-05 at 07:49 -0500, James Bowes wrote:
> > > It might also be useful if we could work in some way with the summary
> > > page to let a user just install all security updates, for instance.
> >
> > I've merged the new-look update viewer. Expect a few teething problems
> > but I think it's lots better than the old one. Please yell if you find
> > any problems or have any suggestions.
> >
> Sure. It looks better, agreed. Here are some unsorted observations:

These are great, thanks.

> - I think the summaries "Normal update (2)" should either be plural
> "Normal updates (2)" or, even better, use ngettext and make it "2
> normal updates".


> - It is somewhat irritating that one can select the rows on the
> summary page, when there is nothing that you can do with the
> selection. Suggest to make the treeview non-selectable here. Same for
> the "nothing to do" screen.

How do you do this? Insensitive makes the control grayed out - thanks.

> - You moved the reboot indicator out of the text view again... I liked
> it better inside. And it causes the following regression: if you
> deselect the package, the text view is correctly hidden, but the
> reboot indicator stays around.


> - You turned the horizontal scrollbar on for the text view - I had
> that intentionally disabled, since it is very hard to get the resizing
> right with it. It is really annoying to see the scrollbar next to the
> text view, while there is plenty of free space in the list above, and
> no way to resize the text view...


> - "Update Package" has an icon, "Update System" doesn't. Either both
> need an icon, or neither.

I think there should be... it's in the glade file.

> - It feels to me like there ought to be a way to get back to the overview page.


> - The double progress bars you get for the actual update are very
> disorienting. The smaller one seems to track the larger progress. And
> the larger one constantly tells me wrong times.

Ahh, the wrong times is a backend problem - but the fact that it keeps
changing is probably a good indication we shouldn't show them unless we
keep getting them about right.

> I did a larger update, and it was infuriating to constantly be told
> that it would take 30 seconds, or 15, or 20, only to be greeted by the
> next empty progress bar after some (usually longer than promised)
> time. Best to lose the time estimates altogether, since we won't be
> able to get them reliable enough to make sense.

Well, I think disabling the timer if we are not getting sane times. Are
you trying packagekitd from git - there were some time fixes in this
area recently.

> - The list on the progress page is very unclear. It took me quite a
> while to figure out that it is supposed to list all the little parts
> of the big transaction. I don't think we _have_ to reuse the list with
> similar icons and package names on every single screen...better to
> just have a single field for the currently running part, like the old
> progress screen had

Isn't it useful seeing what was installed and updated? I don't mind
changing this either way.


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