[packagekit] Ipkg backend performance

Thomas Wood thomas at openedhand.com
Fri Jan 11 07:49:38 PST 2008

Just did some very rudimentary tests of the ipkg backend on my desktop
and on an armv4 device. After I observed the init overlapping, I
implemented a reference count system so that I only initialised and
destroyed when necessary. This gave some interesting results.

x86 System (2.00GHz)

Without single init:

get-description runtime was 0.5 seconds
get-depends runtime was 0.8 seconds
search-name runtime was 1.2 seconds

With single init:

get-description runtime was 0.8 seconds

subsequent calls:

get-depends runtime was 0.1 seconds
search-name runtime was 0.6 seconds
get-description runtime was 0.1 seconds

ARMv4 System (266MHz)

Without single init:

search-name runtime was 6.9 seconds
search-name runtime was 8.8 seconds
search-name runtime was 3.8 seconds
search-name runtime was 4.1 seconds

Unfortunately get description and get depends seem to be broken in the
build on the device. 

By looking at the verbose output, it seems like the init routine on arm
takes about 4 seconds. I still suspect this is mostly ipkg itself, but
you can see why it would be important to avoid running this more than
once per instance if we can.



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