[packagekit] packagekit: Changes to 'refs/tags/PACKAGEKIT_0_1_0'

Richard Hughes hughsient at kemper.freedesktop.org
Sun Jan 20 15:01:22 PST 2008

Tag 'PACKAGEKIT_0_1_0' created by Richard Hughes <richard at hughsie.com> at 2008-01-20 22:59 -0800

Release 0.1.0

Changes since the dawn of time:
Andreas Obergrusberger (17):
      added alpm backend
      alpm update
      polished alpm backend
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://tradiaz@hughsient.no-ip.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      alpm is listed in BACKENDS now
      alpm update
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://tradiaz@hughsient.no-ip.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      minor updates
      add backend_remove_package to alpm
      remove debug lines
      implemented backend_install_package for alpm
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://tradiaz@git.packagekit.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      add get_groups to alpm
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://tradiaz@git.packagekit.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      add get_filters to alpm backend
      added install_file to alpm backend
      reuse install_package for update_package in alpm

Elliot Peele (25):
      added conary backend task
      clean up formatting
      clean up paths
      clean up formatting
      update email address
      use updatecmd.parseTroveSpec
      use dbstore driver instead of depending on external driver
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.packagekit.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      add callbacks
      initial install work
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.packagekit.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      clean up get_package_id code
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.packagekit.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      add callbacks for erase, install, and update
      override get_package_from_id to return a name, version, flavor tuple
      make updates, installs, and removes work for conary
      update conary backend support
      filter out no arch
      add overall percentages for small jobs
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.packagekit.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      switch check to the correct method
      request absolute changesets
      fix support for noarch packages
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.packagekit.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      switch callback to standard status strings

Grzegorz Dabrowski (28):
      added initial support for 'box' package maangement, currently only searching is supported
      fixed coding standard -> use tabs instead of spaces
      fixed typo in function comment
      set correct repository name instead of empty string
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://kaliber@hughsient.no-ip.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      implemented PK_TASK_ACTION_GET_DESCRIPTION for box backend
      don't use map->job if map is NULL
      fixed building of box backend
      The box backend is too fast :)
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://kaliber@hughsient.no-ip.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      use threading in box backend
      added more asserts
      added temporary workaround for segmentation fault
      fixed wrong logic in --with-default-backend
      set correct job status
      use thread for get_description function
      use gui/text flags
      fixed memleak
      [box] implemented search by details
      [box] added basic install package support
      [box] added basic remove package support
      [box] added basic remove package support
      [box] added basic update package support
      [box] fixed compillation, don't call pk_backend_finished from thread directly
      fixed build problem with NetworkManager
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://kaliber@git.packagekit.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      [box] added install-file support
      [box] implemented Resolve method

James Bowes (9):
      Implement update for pkcon
      Remove duplicate thread_init code from pkcon and pkmon
      yum: Fix typo in _do_extra_filtering
      yum: search must return installed package then available packages.
      yum: Filter on devel as well installed when searching for files.
      yum: Emit no-precentage-updates for searching by file and details.
      pkmon: Use GOption to implement --verbose and --version
      pkcon: change parse_multiple_options to use a GError rather than calling usage.
      pkcon: Use GOption for --verbose, --version and usage display

Ken VanDine (67):
      add the start of a conary backend
      better conary queries
      More conary updates
      updates to conary backend
      get_updates now works...
      Added Og Maciel and Elliot Peele to AUTHORS
      Now that we have caching, maintain a script for doing live queries
      Implement caching for the conary backend
      Disable what isn't implemented yet
      Added a file for tracking the status of backends
      Added a note about keeping the BACKENDS file updated
      Added sys.exit
      The beginings of install/update
      Exit successfully
      More work on install and remove, all the checks are done just need the actually install and remove specific stuff to be added.
      fix up the wrapper
      * Make _findPackage more robust
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://kvandine@hughsient.no-ip.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      Update the conary backend status
      Updated get_description to return detail
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://kvandine@git.packagekit.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      Testing repo perms
      Testing repo perms
      Removed test
      Added percentages calls
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://kvandine@git.packagekit.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      * Fixed read access to db
      Apply the same TypeError fix to the live search
      Enable backend_update_system
      Include new conaryCallbacks.py file
      Fix version
      Actually call update_system
      Deal with allowDeps in remove
      Deal with allowDeps in remove
      Enable update_package and update_system
      Added get_requires
      Whoops, fix the function name
      Use a try/except to deal with no updates available better
      get-depends not get-requires and allow more canceling
      get-depends helper script
      Updated filters, filter on just installed
      We really have get_requires not get_depends
      Added groups
      Query repo metadata for descriptions and categories
      Use unknown for group
      Updated to return INFO_INSTALLED and INFO_AVAILABLE
      Removed the live search
      Removed live search
      More fixes for the new enum installed status
      Disable details for now
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://kvandine@git.packagekit.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      Added a blocker to the TODO
      Improved logic for get_depends
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://kvandine@git.packagekit.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      Disable get_depends for now
      Removed a blocker from the list, it is done
      Return proper status for get_updates
      Fixed an import
      Fixed the callback to report the correct status
      Removed a blocker from TODO
      Added a blocker
      Added STATE_WAIT, currently used to when a refresh needs to happen before another task
      Updated TODO
      Removed install-file.py from distfiles for the yum backend, it is missing and breaks make dist

Luke Macken (9):
      Attached is an updated patch that implements the get_{deps,description}
      clean up some whitespace
      hook up get description to PackageKitYumBackend
      Fix a bunch of typos and spacing issues in the introduction.xml
      Remove unnecessary sys module
      raise yum.Errors.YumGPGCheckError in PackageKitYumBase._checkSignatures
      Backend filter cleanups.
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.packagekit.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      Remove duplicate PackageKitYumBase class definition.

Matthias Clasen (2):
      fix a spelling issue
      Run the yum-search-group helper.

Richard Hughes (587):
      make compile
      allow dbus
      fix DBUS
      signal skeletons
      better name
      add task
      add job control
      no need to set job
      remove job
      handle job list changing
      add abtsraction
      add debug functions
      use debugging
      connect up finished signal
      allow selection of backend
      make a dummy compile time target
      keep make happy
      add finish
      don;t exit for async
      fix packages
      add sync
      make GetJobStatus work
      add CancelJobTry
      add pk_task_get_description
      add spawn class for managed async spawning
      finished is uint
      use spawn for search
      use spawn for search
      fix build
      add command line client application
      add glib helper library
      use the helper library
      add the other signals in the helepr library
      report package
      use dbugging
      add other actiosn
      pretty print, and add sme more client methods
      remove todo
      remove todo
      add initial framework of the update icon
      make console program easier to use
      remove job-list from task-client
      factor out common routines
      add task list. nothing works
      connect up signal properly
      add a monitor program to montor the job list
      rename task list to job list to reflect that we're only getting numbers2
      add task description to pkmon
      share constants
      use common files between client and src
      use the correct icon
      use a service file for system activation
      add service file to gitignore
      rip out intltool
      add installer
      make more of the ui work
      add manager update tool
      export value in package to indicate installedness
      enable the right buttons
      allow reuse of object
      add no-percentage-updates signal for dumb backends
      use helper and export dummy install percentage
      add error code into API
      allow search for installed and non-installed packages
      add refresh and connect up more yum actions
      add search depth field
      better descriptions
      move the yum code into the yum file. autodetect the correct backend
      unref when not implimented
      make the icon do the right thing displaying status
      do a two stage add to not race with non-implimented functions
      actually allow actions in the icon
      remove dead code
      fix make distcheck
      add link to manage packages
      add ChangeLog
      don't mention g-p-m
      make the dummy backend compile
      Changes to pk-task-apt.c so it actually compiles. Copied boilerplate that
      include a local version of bodged up gbus
      add network detection and add TODO
      add client README
      add PkTaskMonitor
      make TaskClient use TaskMonitor
      make taskClient use taskMonitor for everything
      add force boolean to RefreshCache
      added DEscription signal and GetDescription method so we can get some more details about a package
      quit after 60 seconds of inactivity
      remove item from todo
      add connection singleton
      use PkConnection to save proxies
      add initial libnotify support
      update TODO
      monitor status changes for each job
      add some more TODO items
      fix segfault on reload for dummy backend
      add policykit action files
      add the start of the PolicyKit server bits
      throw the correct error
      only install the yum helpers if choosing yum backend
      pk_task_filter_package_name has second arg (package name) as a constant
      Works fine with NetworkManager 0.6.4 (v.s. earlier 0.6.5)
      send the correct error enum
      add the client side policykit bits
      add more policykit server bits
      make the client policykit bits nicer
      remove removePackagesWithDeps and just use a bool on Removepackages
      connect up all the other client policy kit actions
      reset the task after a Polkit failure
      notify at the end of long transaction
      try to fix git
      hide the icon when not connected
      return none idle for running jobs
      make the update applet acually do the cache refresh
      add updates into the dummy backend
      add get_sync methods
      add get_sync methods
      begin start of cached package array
      clear array on reset also
      add to cache package array if sync
      make pkcon use the sync bits
      make the update icon see updates
      put menus on the update icon
      update TODO
      add initial apt build framework. based on a patch from Tom Parker <palfrey at tevp.net>many thanks.
      convert pk-task-apt.c to a cpp file. Based on a patch from Tom
      add the first version of a backend writers guide
      ore docs
      don't chmod if we are not the yum backend
      more docs
      add more documentation
      add some yum stubs
      add proper header to yum helpers
      add seth's refresh cache script
      add seth's copyright to the search files
      add yum get updates module
      yum is not a dummy....
      start to do the yum cache reload
      add unit test framework
      make the spawn monitor async rather than sync. PackageKit now 400x faster
      add spawn test script file
      more abstraction and some more documentation
      move code into a common area
      add a localised string
      include more dummy code from seth
      make the stdout data follow a tab convention
      add the other script processing parts
      if PK crashes in the middle of a pk-application method then stop job and report an error to the user
      add gpg error code
      detect and send internally required-restart
      add RequireRestart into server API
      watch the bus for RequireRestart
      connect up RequireReboot to the GUI
      update todo
      move the common client code to a library
      add quick and dirty man pages
      add the concept of a package_id, and make packagekit version and arch aware
      add Tom Parker to AUTHORS
      update the glib2 dep as we need add_seconds
      patch for conary to support name;version;arch
      add a data field into the package_id and add the extra-fields into the documentation
      add Ken to AUTHORS
      change package_id format in dummy backedn
      move some symlinks to the library proper
      correct packageid description in documentation
      install the library to allow other applications to use libpackagekit
      use a pkg-config file
      remove GUI tools and put into gnome-packagekit
      remove all the GUI tools files. Moved to gnome-packagekit
      document the other two files
      make the version string in Description return an enumerated group
      add Tim and Luke to AUTHORS
      remove the _to_localised_text functions, we don't use them here anymore
      update TODO
      make more of the code common between conary and yum
      add to gitignore
      don't filter package names for now,leave that to the GUI or tool
      add the two helper files for the yum backend into the installed location
      commit the first half of tims patch
      update readmes
      add some more error enums, and store them more effectivly
      update TODO
      fix the dummy backend
      remoge the *-description.py files. not sure why there are here...
      the argument is the package_id not the name
      keep track of how long each task has been running
      add some more error enums
      mark the field in PkTaskClientPackageItem package_id to prevent confusion
      add getdeps into the console helper
      make the dummy backend spit out get_deps
      deps have to be installed...
      add UpdatePackage into the API
      add a note about internal-error
      update todo
      add pyc to gitignore
      easy script for me
      Validate the groups and connect the signal
      Add SearchGroup into the API to return the packages in a specific group
      Rename FindPackages to SearchName
      Add SearchDetails into the API
      add SearchFile into the API to allow us to match a file to a package
      make SearchName use filter. Big API change for helpers. See helpers/README
      remove unused find helper function
      oops, move the varargs to the helper, not the spawn
      correct the spawn code
      check the filter and return an error if invalid
      make README up to date with ~
      check the package_id when it's compulsary
      correct some errors in the yum backend
      add to todo
      Add sub-percentage support into API
      Make the yum-search-* return the full epoch:version-release, not just the release.
      add comment about multiline error details
      change perms
      Add a GetActions method so we can detect what the backend can do. This lets us hide certain UI elements
      Add GetActions into libpackagekit
      Dist the correct yum files
      task list should emit error
      notice errors in the client tools
      The following commits are by Tom Parker <palfrey at tevp.net>, not
      only return EXIT_SUCCESS on zero exit code
      fix the marshal for the description signal
      connect up Description to PkTaskClient
      fix the description signal
      make a longer description
      pass the remove helper the correct args
      fix this properly
      allow porcesses to be killed
      connect up CancelJobTry in PkTaskClient
      use a proper cnverted to avoid error on 64 bit
      add a script to test the backends
      cast to void* to fix 64 bit compiles
      clean up whitespace
      use clearenv to help debugging
      ahh. we need the environment for the dbus service name
      on havocs advice, use SIGKILL not SIGTERM
      add getdesc into the console helper
      rework the consoleget
      fix the help text
      add an api call to allow actions to be cancelled
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://hughsie@hughsient.no-ip.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      support more than 4 actions
      add the completed yum action
      make the spec clearer, and depricate data for package
      data is no longer valid for scripts to emit
      streamline the API so that publically we match internally so that JobStatus just returns the job status and not other junk data
      fix the library too
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://hughsie@hughsient.no-ip.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      add stuff to TODO
      apt can't do all the actions, only advertise the ones it can
      correct Tom's patch so we don't leak sections
      disconnect the dbus signals in PtTaskMonitor
      use a proper package name
      if we use the dummy backend, disable polkit
      correct some errors in the filter checking
      use a selftest library
      correct header define
      make libselftest -> libst for my typing...
      start to add tests
      add some more tests
      rename ident to id
      split out the package id stuff to a seporate file, also add some tests
      remove a memory leak, and optimise the storage of the ident structure on sparse data
      rename the filter checker methods
      complete the rename in the task backends. oops.
      add code to check the search term and the filter into the engine
      fix a direction error spotted by ray. add a boat load of unit tests and fix up the other issues
      use g_quark_to_string for local GErrors for all methods
      only assign on success - a failed method is fair game to be reused straight away
      move around sections inthe xml spec and better document
      get two types of information, the status (what we are doing now) and the role (what we were asked to do) to allow the libnotify dialogs to be a little more sane.
      move the get_role to PkTaskMonitor as we don't need the client
      make the PkTaskList aware of role
      fix GetJobRole and make dummy backend do something interesting
      role and status are very different things, don't try to piggyback the enums
      package_id's have four fields, not three.
      move the helper files into seporate folders
      fix test script
      add a job_count file to keep track of job ids. This should fix many hard to fix oddites when restarting the daemon at odd times
      Make GetDeps into GetDepends as we soon will be adding GetRequires soon
      helpers no longer have a prefix
      point to www.packagekit.org
      Add the method GetRequires as discussed on the mailing list
      add todo items
      move the job id getting and setting out of the task, the task should be abstract and not know about external implimentation
      make sparse clean
      add some common tools I use everyday...
      move the helpers in prep for the backend dlopen change (you can now edit the helpers once again...)
      add new backend loaded code and abstraction
      allow choosing the backend at runtime for testing. does nothing yet.
      detech for and use gmodule
      provide an AC_SUBST for installing an external header
      install the backend header
      add do not edit warnings as the backend compiled code will move in a few hours
      add the incomplete porting of some of the backends. I've yet to do box or apt, which I'll do tomorrow
      connect up the backend code
      convert the box backend to the new dlopened scheme
      do pk_backend_set_job_role in the backend helper as all the backends should be common
      convert the apt backend - totally untested
      Merge branch 'master' into plugin
      save the backend name
      Merge branch 'master' into plugin
      add some new action building code
      automatically get the actions
      Merge branch 'master' into plugin
      add some extra enums
      impliment automatic GetActions support
      make GetActions work
      make GetActions work
      make task allocation work once again
      add gitignore
      remove PkTask (common files)
      remove the old dummy, yum and conary files
      remove the coverted box plugin
      move the apt plugin to the new dir. i might have mis-converted it, hance why I'm being careful
      remove the task header. yay
      remove warning text
      add some error enums
      remove some ranomd debug text
      remove the _TASK_ in the enumerated defines
      rename some of the enum methods, removing task from the name
      move the filter bits into the comon file
      split off action list into it's own file
      remove the unused old actions stuff
      move pktaskutils to pk-enum, as that's what it is...
      re-format the todo
      add a config file
      Revert "The box backend is too fast :)"
      make the default backend xonfigure bit work
      Use ShutdownTimeout from the config file
      get DefaultBackend from the config file
      add the missing files. oops.
      update TODO
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://hughsie@hughsient.no-ip.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://hughsie@hughsient.no-ip.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      add in docbook detection in the configure script, we'll need this soon
      add some docbook glue
      add a structure diagram for the upcoming docs
      covert the crazy text files into xml docbook
      make the PkActionList into a more generic PkEnumList for future usage in the filter and groups code
      allow us to get the actions from the console client
      allow the backend to specify what groups and filters it supports
      remove two unused files
      use PkEnumList when getting capabilities
      make the enum types more sane
      set the status to setup when setting the role
      add some extra debug text to the console program
      use -1, not 0 for the enumlist terminator as 0 is some enum values
      Add GetPackage, GetPercentage and GetSubPercentage so we can coldplug in the monitoring code
      abstact out the job list and make the creation more robust
      refix the default backend change. I think Andreas failed to fix the conflict properly. No problem.
      re-enable the check for duplicate system updates after abstracting it in a nice way
      Add the GetUpdateDetail method and UpdateDetail signal
      connect up the client bits for get_update_detail
      update TODO
      add a licence entry into the description signal so we can do clever things with eulas and that sort of thing. Backend writers, please change 'unknown' into the valid licence if you can find it. Thanks.
      don't segfault when we pass in null data to get_job_role
      pick up an sqlite dep for the upcoming database work
      allow the yum backend to search file (thanks) and correct some of the BACKENDS formatting
      remove lots of trailing whitespace in the backends
      add the start of the database code. Nothing works yet
      don't return from finished straight away, instead do it after 500ms
      add some documentation about transaction_id. we don't use this yet, but will real soon
      make the job-list code refresh at startup. This fixes a typo that makes pkmon work again
      use the right enum type when printing status to the screen
      emit the role, not the status from the finished task list enetry
      add different types of test backends
      add a new modular thread list class
      don't populate the enum list with a value for 'none'
      add some more database code
      emit a signal for data
      make the spawn and thread test backends useful for testing
      add a test spawn helper
      use the correct signal prefix. cosmetic.
      install the helpers in backend specific directories so we don't overwrite them if we have multiply installed targets
      make sure we remove the task from the task list if it fails, else we never timeout and exit the daemon
      disconnect from the spawn helper correctly if the backend is unloaded half through an operation. prevents a segfault when cancelling a job
      don't unref not implimented funtion twice. fixes a segfault discovered with the test_spawn backend.
      fix the threading backend function. we should emit finished in the method, and wait for the thrad to complete with data else we get a nice race on completion
      don't give the success value with pk_backend_finished, we can infer it from the presence or absence of an error (and the retval for bad scripts)
      use pk_backend_thread_helper to make it trivial to start a new thread
      make the warning more clear for backend writers
      fix conflicts in the alpm and box backends
      convert the apt and box plugins to the new thread API
      don't lie about percentages we don't actually know
      update piture with threads
      make some api method names more sane
      add a super long running task for debugging
      allow the monitoring class to cancel the job
      Add GetOldTransactions API for the transaction viewer
      don't show the database at startup
      connect up the transactions client side bits.
      update TODO
      update todo
      add options into documentation
      add the new wait state
      update TODO
      rename PkJobList to PkTransactionList to better reflect what it's doing
      be more specific about roles so we can defer scheduling them until later
      convert the job number to a transaction string. A big change, but it allows us to do some cool stuff. expect the daemon to leak and to crash for a few days. heh.
      make the api more consistent
      abstract out the transaction_id stuff better
      make some of the internal names more sane
      do the queuing. there's a bug somewhere but the basics are in place
      only run a task if it's not been run and committed. should fix queing
      only allow parallel queries when we are not refreshing the cache
      don't log a query in the sqlite database, only stuff that could break your system...
      don't wait 500ms for race double prevention, use 50ms. 500ms is quite a long time when clicking on stuff in the GUI
      Update TODO
      remove remnats of JOB in PkTransactionList
      remove the PkTask typedef now we have backends
      update TODO
      we don't need the action enum now we have a fully populated role
      don't allow a duplicate error to be set
      if the init failed in the backend, abort the transaction
      warn against backend calling finish in the initialize routine
      check for a null transaction id to try to investigate a segfault
      NetworkManager has changed the install path of libnm-glib
      don't use a package_db, it's feature creep
      add the method call InstallFile so we can install rpms and debs like we can in pirut
      make the enum name match the order of the dbus methods
      remove some of the job'isms
      convert more job'isms
      fix make check
      no more, she can't take it anymore captain
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://hughsie@git.packagekit.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      space fix
      don't unref as networkmanager is broken right now
      remove manually added GetOldTransactions
      Add the Resolve method. We need this when we know the package name, and want to get the package id
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://hughsie@git.packagekit.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      added Resolve into BACKENDS
      check for a valid backend before we get the role
      don't advertise stuff we can't do
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://hughsie@git.packagekit.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      add an extra test
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://hughsie@git.packagekit.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      add GetBackendDetail
      use transaction id for get_old_transactions
      start of the two phase constructor
      Merge branch 'master' into tid
      always make the transaction id check first
      better names
      add to .gitignore
      Merge branch 'master' into tid
      add the simple client library
      use PkClient
      make the daemon work
      allocate a transaction id for GetOldTransactions
      no need to get two proxies
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://hughsie@git.packagekit.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://hughsie@git.packagekit.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      Merge branch 'master' into tid
      don't create two transaction_id's
      remove stuff we don't use
      oops, I forgot to do dbus_g_method_return at the end of an async method (and therefor the methods timed out...)
      wait for install and remove to finish
      turn the transaction role into an enumerated type internally
      convert a transaction role conversion i missed
      don't install the package.db file, we don't use it
      allow cancelling of a queued task
      update TODO
      add some more enumerated types for the update type and frequency type
      make the order correct
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://hughsie@git.packagekit.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      really re-arrange. sleep time
      update TODO
      update TODO
      update TODO
      update TODO
      switch the Package signal to use enumerated types rather than magic numbers
      add the UpdatesChanged signal to signal the client update watcher(s) to refresh
      allow backends to emit updates-changed
      add the resolve method into the client helper
      add client side support for InstallFile
      update TODO
      don't segfault on package
      cache the packages as they are emitted in a text string
      add the data to the transaction signal so we can get what was added or removed
      try to convert the yum backend to the new enums
      update TODO
      update TODO
      update TODO
      update the mashall, and make other cosmetic changes
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://hughsie@git.packagekit.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      make size into a guint64 not a gulong. DBUS hates me and refuses to demarshal gulong
      add the package list code to be used in the daemon and client
      add get_string to package_list
      use pk-package-list in the daemon
      use PkPackageList in PkClient to reduce code duplication
      update TODO
      add the new functions pk_package_id_equal and pk_package_id_strcmp as helpers.
      add pk_package_list_contains so we can check the package buffer
      check if already in the package list, to avoid having installed and available in the UI
      update TODO and make documentation clearer
      remove trailing backspace in all the files
      add the rollback hooks into the backends - they do nothign yet
      make some warnings less fatal, and fix a crasher when we race with the backend creation with an async GetDescription
      drop the version of dbus-glib so we can build on rawhide
      add rollback in the daemon and backend code - it does nothing yet
      rename pk_package_list_remove_buffer to pk_package_list_clear
      keep a list of updates so we only have to call GetUpdates when the cache is cold. This should reduce the workloads on backends
      don't put a LIMIT on the transaction viewer when we pass 0
      fix a typo where we returned the sender tid, not the actual tid in GetOldTransactions
      dont save refresh caches to transaction_db
      add pk_task_list_contains_role so we can see if a task is in the task list
      clear the update cache if we have just finished a system or package update
      order by timespec not by transaction_id
      use a 100ms not a 250ms spawn check interval
      check the backends are not emitting installed when it should be emmiting installing
      update TODO
      add some docmentation so we know what Package signals to emit
      update TODO
      update TODO
      Need to move src/pk-network.* into libpackagekit so vendors can plug in
      remove an unused priv variable
      update TODO
      update TODO
      add pk_enum_list_size and pk_enum_list_get_item into the library
      update TODO
      make sure enum types return UNKNOWN when the enum type is not known
      update TODO
      Top is the APT dude. I share none of the credit
      remove some trailing whitespace in toms patch
      check the private tid before we compare to silence lots of warnings
      add a gitignore file
      save the cached parameter data to allow the PkClient to requeue
      when package_id is NULL we can avoid a trip to the daemon. also reset the client when we requeue
      update TODO
      don't allow calling pk_enum_list_append when the item is already in the list
      add pk_enum_list_remove to libpackagekit
      add the negative filter states to the enumerated list
      update TODO
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://hughsie@git.packagekit.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      abstract out the text getting so we can see what we are not removing, if you see what i mean
      add the inhibit framework for the HAL locking
      use the inhibit stuff, even tho there's no code there yet...
      add unit tests for PkConf
      actually make the locking talk to HAL. Also add lots of unit tests as this code is quite new
      export locked out onto the system bus
      update TODO
      rename pk-task-common to pk-common as I want to abstract some stuff later
      move common functionality into PkCommon
      move pk_string_id_strcmp into PkCommon
      make a more general purpose function pk_string_id_equal so we can use it for the transaction_id also
      only compare the first two entries of the tid. fixes a todo in prep for rollbacks
      add the change-transaction-data signal callback for the future rollback stuff
      update TODO
      add the repo changing policy
      add the enumerated types for the new repo stuff
      add the initial daemon bits for the repo management
      Add stubs in the backends for the new repo stuff
      Add details to the help file for the new repo stuff
      invalidate the updates_cache and suggest a client GetUpdates call when we enable or disable a repo
      Add the callback and methods in PkBackend for the repo stuff
      add the client side bits for the repo functionality
      emit task-list-changed when the dameon connects or disconnects to clean up a crashing daemon
      Add methods and callbacks in pkcon for repo stuff
      we have to use a transaction id method if we call out helpers. fix the repo stuff
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://hughsie@git.packagekit.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      update TODO
      do the cache invalidation _after_ the enable repo has finsihed
      update TODO
      yum has resolve - use it
      use a better error description when we can't load a PkBackend instance
      Revert "emit task-list-changed when the dameon connects or disconnects to clean up a crashing daemon"
      query actions, groups and filters at daemon startup to make getting the action list an order of magnitude quicker, making all the pk-x tools startup much quicker
      check the action list for async methods, so we don't ask the user for auth when we can't do the method anyway...
      ship the resolve.py file for the yum backend
      set the role for a couple of methods I missed
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://hughsie@git.packagekit.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      make sure we disconnect the 100ms poll on unref in case we were cancelled before completion. should fix the segfault in http://www.foresightlinux.org/paste/1458/
      update TODO
      recreate the transaction.sb file is it does not exist
      preserve the role when we do pk_client_requeue
      make sure transactions.db has the correct fields
      only find updates one in 5 times in the dummy backend
      make sure we do sqlite3_open before we try to create the db
      remove unused files
      use flawfinder to scan for potential security problems
      update TODO
      update for release

Robin Norwood (30):
      Put the contents of packagekit.py into python's site-packages directory for easier importing:
      Automake and configure changes to move packagekit.py to __init__.py.  Also fix import in python/pkt
      - Fix some typos - missing 'self' in object methods
      Renaming PackageKit python module to packagekit per http://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0008/
      Add new signal handlers, include and at least name all arguments to template signal handlers.
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://rnorwood@git.packagekit.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://rnorwood@git.packagekit.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      Add description helper, and include release in output of yum backend's get_description()
      use self.progress instead of just progress
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://rnorwood@git.packagekit.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      Add quick GetOldTransactions handler.
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://rnorwood@git.packagekit.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      Add all of the existing methods an signal handlers to frontend.py
      fix description of Resolve
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://rnorwood@git.packagekit.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      Add support for size of package and list of included files from the description signal.
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://rnorwood@git.packagekit.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      Remove description and package size TODO items.
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://rnorwood@git.packagekit.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      Add RepoSignatureRequired call to backend, engine, and client modules.
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://rnorwood@git.packagekit.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      Add documentation for the RepoSignatureRequired signal
      Add gpg key notification
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://rnorwood@git.packagekit.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      Fix a couple of bugs in the last commit.
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://rnorwood@git.packagekit.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      set no_percentage_updates for 'get updates' command in yum backend
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://rnorwood@git.packagekit.org/srv/git/PackageKit
      - Remove the no_percentage_updates and allow_interrupt signals from
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://rnorwood@git.packagekit.org/srv/git/PackageKit

Tim Lauridsen (48):
      Added packagekit.py with a PackageKitBaseBackend there implemtent a the signals the diffent backend helper types can send.
      Implemented yum-search-name
      Implemented yum-search-details
      Implemented yum-refresh-cache
      Implemented yum-get-deps
      add get geps to yum backend
      implemented yum-remove & yum-update-system
      Added support for search-file, search-group in base backend.
      Added support for search-file, search-group in base backend.
      Implemented yum-get-updates
      Tim Lauridsen <tla at rasmil.dk>
      Debian unstable only currently has dbus 1.1.1, and that works fine,
      Only use dbus_g_error_get_name if it's a remote error
      Apt backend now does full package ids
      Spelling fix in configure.ac
      Make 'tests' message have a result
      Add pk_task_update_package to apt
      Installed/Available/Split search for Apt
      Update pkt.py for new interfaces
      Fixed some issues in the yumBackend
      Removed some debug printing for yumBackend
      * Make the yum backend make more increment on download & installation, need the laest upstream yum git code to work, else extra percentage will not be shown.
      Make the yumBackend show package in both download & install/update/remove
      implemented allow-interupt in packagekit.py and in YumBackend
      Minor cleanup in yumBackend
      Updated BACKENDS (yum)
      Implemented 'search-file' in yum backend
      * Moved python/__init__.py python/packagekit/__init__.py
      moved frontend python code from packagekit/__init__.py to frontend.py
      Renamed python/pkt -> python/pk-frontend-test.py & make it use import packagekit.frontend
      Changed yum backend to use new package signals
      implement resolve in backend base & in yum backend
      fixed typo
      Added restart require check and fixed epoch bug
      make remove yes/no package work right in the yum backend (don't remove dependencies if not yes is used as first parameter
      updated yum status i BACKENDS
      Dont submit package signals for metadata files
      Remove debug output from yum backend
      Make get depends work right in yum backend
      Make some changes to yum get-depends to make it better to detect installation state, not perfect yet, but better :)
      Make the yum backend get-depend show the best fit dependencies and the right install state
      Make some changes to yum backend get-depends to work better with multilib and dont show false positives
      Add bandwith throttling to yum backend
      Add stub to yum backend to prepare for the RepoSignatureRequired signal
      removed wrong yum. prefix
      * Implemented install-file in yum backend
      yum: Added install-file.py to Makefile
      yum: Added James Bowes to Authors

Tom Parker (54):
      add a short python test program
      Debian uses -dev and -dbg rather than -debuginfo and -devel, so ignore those as well
      All the basic pk-task-apt changes
      Update pkt.py to handle Finished message
      Works with both rpm and deb backends, with configure-time detection
      Append APT_CFLAGS to INCLUDES, not overwrite
      Support rpm backends as well
      Properly resolve pk-task-apt ident_build issue
      Refresh cache and not_implemented changes
      Fix pk_debug usage (in pk-engine, and with attributes)
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://pk/srv/git/PackageKit
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://pk/srv/git/PackageKit
      Add pk_task_get_actions to apt
      Add percentage completes to apt RefreshCache
      Handle invalid package ids
      Convert debug to using g_vasprintf for long debug
      Update pk-task-apt to new interfaces
      Do the v_snprintf->v_asprintf fix in libselftest
      Add GetDescription support to apt backend
      Update helpers/BACKENDS for apt backend capabilities
      Add partial implementation of search file to apt
      Fix apt backend for new dlopen system
      Redo pkt as a better apt-* like tool
      pkt now needs a "none" filter, not ""
      Move pkt.py to pkt and add copyright
      Add python API, and convert pkt to using it
      Add search file to apt; remove old backend
      Partial fix for job handling in python API
      Actually remove old apt backend
      Add "unknown" license to apt get_description callbacks
      Hand input data to pk_backend_thread_create
      Sanitize command failures in pkt
      Check for local .so's as well
      Clarify reasons for startup failure
      Add new tid stuff to python interface
      Add new tid stuff to python interface
      dbusException fixes in PackageKit.frontend
      First work with sqlite caching backend for APT
      Let " " in searches match random characters
      Separate all of the sqlite caching from apt stuff
      Cleanup variable usage in apt_build_db
      Handle full descriptions in apt sqlite builder
      Move to python refresh-cache for apt backend
      Add sqlite_get_description
      Look for local as well as global backend helpers
      Minor sqlite-pkg-cache fixes
      Add common python spawner
      Add backend "must be older" file for sqlite rebuilding
      Clear up name vs. detail searching in sqlite cache
      Add "depends" call to pk-frontend-test.py
      sqlite-pkg-cache listed as under GPLv2 only
      Rename apt's sqlite-pkg-cache and python-backend-common to .c
      Make all apt backend licenses GPLv2+
      Add pk_package_id_new_from_list

root (7):
      api simplification
      update the TODO
      update the TODO
      Add runtime into finished signal so that we can only show the libnotify window for long transactions
      don't leak contents
      pass in the tdb reference to avoid a critical warning
      don't return packagedata if we have none

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