[packagekit] Apt backend - PkPackageId annoyance

Patrick Niklaus marex at opencompositing.org
Fri Jun 6 10:57:58 PDT 2008


I recently had a look at the apt (== apt2) backend in packagekit. It
seems that fetching details of packages does not work correctly - at
least pk-application crashes when you click on an installed packages.

I'm currently trying to investigate this problem. It seems that the
PkPackageId->data (ident->data) block in gpk_application_details_cb is
NULL. The function compares ident->data with "installed" (which of
courses returns FALSE) and thus assumes that the package is not
installed. Which brings up the question how to generate the package id
appropriate. Looking at get_id_from_package in aptDBUSBackend.py
brings up the following line:

if installed == False and pkg.isInstalled:

Somehow I fail to understand why installed must be False and
pkg.isInstalled True. Can someone give me a hint here?

Also, what is the last data field of the package ID
(name;version;arch;data) supposed to contain? The repository name?

Best Regards,

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