[packagekit] What I'm working on

Richard Hughes hughsient at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 08:04:52 PDT 2008

Just a heads up:

There are two new branches on the server:

new-api   API changes that will go into 0.3.0 sometime on the next few
          months - don't feel you have to make your backend compile in
          this branch yet, as you might want to wait for all the changes
          to go in before you switch to it.
          Feel free to commit if you want to try out the new API, but
          _don't_ pull into master please!.

simul     A branch of the daemon that allows you to have multiple
          simultaneous actions, for instance downloading and installing
          (pipelined) at the same time.
          This is mostly a rapid prototyping branch, but you can see the
          sort of things that we are working on.

I'll be forking PACKAGEKIT_0_2_X real soon (next few weeks) and then the
new-api will be merged into master. I'll probably fold simul into master
at the same time. They'll be no API changes until then.


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