[packagekit] Res: How does PK Download Packages?

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Fri Jun 20 13:27:15 PDT 2008

as far as i know pk does NOT download packages,
the backend does.
As each packager manager has different ways to download packages,
(i.e. diferent download locations...).
Imho the best way to servicepack stuff is a way like
installFile(), you do the download and pk installs for you.

as i said i'm not pretty sure this is the way.


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I have been trying to implement the service pack functionality for the yum backend.

I am stuck and need to figure out how actually PK downloads packages ?

Or as to how download_packages(as=packages, s=directory) in /backends/yum/helpers/yumBackend.py 
can use the existing code through which PK downloads the packages?



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