[packagekit] gpk-update with wheel?

David Halik dhalik at jla.rutgers.edu
Wed Jun 25 07:31:43 PDT 2008

Hi, I'm just curious if the gnome updater applet can be configured to 
use the wheel group for auth in Fedora 9 and thereby not need a root 
password. We run a fully integrated LDAP system with sudo, wheel, etc, 
and there is no root account. In the past we were able to get around 
this by adding "UGROUPS=wheel" to /etc/security/console.apps/<app>, but 
I can't seem to find a similar way of doing it with this updater.

Any help would be appreciated.


David Halik
System Administrator
OIT-CSS Rutgers University
dhalik at jla.rutgers.edu

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