[packagekit] KPackageKit first beta release

mirttex85-pk at yahoo.com.br mirttex85-pk at yahoo.com.br
Sun Jun 29 20:10:44 PDT 2008

Hi there,

It was a big while since i met the project i still have the welcome
to the Pk ml, 12/27/2007, the commit access on 3/16/2008.
Since then we've been hacking to make this ui real...
Adrien and i worked a lot a here it's is the first release.
I admire him cause sometimes i'm a really pain in the ass...
and he has to study and i keep poking him hey do you know
what is this error? :P
And my english is not so good..

About the release it was very hard to lauch today, Adrien just
swicthed qmake to cmake, and this break everything...
so we dig a little to fix, and he had to do some stuff and i spent
the whole day trying to fix this problens, at the end i had the cmake
ok but the dir was so messed up that a brilliant idea to try on my
notebook just make me stopping wasting time and doing a new
git repo (git clone) dir, at the time that i was almost uploading the
file to kde-apps i discovered that cmake wasn't linking with polkit...
another fix.. but now everything work (better) than with qmake.

KPackageKit still not a replacement for gnome-application (on 
KDE desktop), the lib is complete for api 0.2 but the ui not.

Here is the link:

And thanks everyone who made this possible ;)


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