[packagekit] Aptcc

Daniel Nicoletti daniel_nic85 at yahoo.com.br
Fri Jan 9 17:37:21 PST 2009

Hi, i just pushed to aptcc branch the aptcc code
it the methods already working are:

There is a bug in the development filter as i added a "-dev"
string to it but i didn't tested enough. Apart of that it should
work fine, there is a beginning of getRequired.

if you want to test package localization you need to:
be sure your root user has the right LANG
# aptitude update or apt-cache update (as py backend don't download package localizations)
then try finding a localized package with aptitude or apt-get
the most common packages tend to be localized.
now that you have sure a package is localized be sure
your user is also with the right LANG and use packagekit
with aptcc.. summaries and details are both localized
(although i need to improve one "bug" that apt-cache also
has that makes the localized output emit some dots which
don't happen in aptitude cause it use a transcode() method
that i can't use).

Any bug report, patch suggestion or devs are welcome please test :D

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