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Daniel Nicoletti dantti85-pk at yahoo.com.br
Sun Jan 11 15:29:35 PST 2009

i know this is up to the backend but i think
if packagekit supported showing download progress
in bytes this could maybe help. I'm just saying
this because i know lots of people with the same
complain, Kpackagekit even received a bug report
about not being able to get the idea of what was
happening when installing with yum.
also the behavior of kpackagekit is the same
of gnome packagekit, of course the bug i received
was put in the wrong place but i think this should
be a thing to improve.


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Enviadas: Domingo, 11 de Janeiro de 2009 18:34:38
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Hi Joao
as far as I know these features are backend-dependent, what backend are
you using ?


Joao Neto a écrit : 
I'm PHP Developer, from Brazil!

I use Fedora 10 and PackageKit.

I have a request for feature, 

whenever I install a package via packagekit unable to view the download
time remaining, if you use a fast connection, no problem, but, if you
use a slow link is difficult to know if the application crashed or if
the download continues...

And in "gpk-application 0.3..12" i don't filter packages by Group!
For example: I can't look for Dia package by filter in "Graphics" Group.

I hope I can help in the development of software!


Joao Neto -
Fortaleza, CE - Brazil

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