[packagekit] Project: feasibility study :)

Mikhail Sobolev mikhail.sobolev at gmail.com
Thu Jan 15 13:11:09 PST 2009


(I hope this is not inappropriate for this mailing list, if it is,
please accept my apologies and disregard the message :))

I'm working with the team @ Nokia on Internet Tablets
(http://maemo.org).  I would like to evaluate a possibility of using
PackageKit as a replacement for mechanism for
detecting/downloading/installing updates currently implemented in
Application Manager
(https://garage.maemo.org/projects/hildon-app-mgr).  This would be a
payed project to evaluate the feasibility of using current
functionality of PackageKit/apt-backend.  If you are interested,
please contact me with your details (contact information, CV,
individual/company) at mikhail.sobolev at nokia.com.  Should you require
any additional information, please do no hesitate to contact me at the
same address. :)

Kind Regards,


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