[packagekit] A new update viewer

Daniel Nicoletti dantti85-pk at yahoo.com.br
Mon Mar 2 18:58:15 PST 2009

Hey Richard I found the idea pretty nice,
as imo the updater needs some changes,
but i would suggest to gnome (and to kpackagekit) a thing
that i was thinking would be very interesting, 
instead of populating the updater ui, why not
modifying the transaction dialog to show a list of packages (in a detailed mode),
which imo would be much cooler, and the user could safely
close that dialgo and the transaction would be kept running and having it's state stored
safely, but that would also require to packagekit store the 
packages of the transaction and problably theirs state too,
this way the user can close, logout login click on transactions-icon
and see a pretty nice transaction status.

This imo is much better than doing only in the updates ui,
that'd work for all of them (installing/removing).


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