[packagekit] Session D-BUS API

Trever Fischer wm161 at wm161.net
Fri Mar 6 06:46:24 PST 2009

I've managed to find a bit of time between classes and trying to get elected to 
student gov't here to start implementing the D-BUS methods for KPackageKit. 
I've got a couple of questions about it though:

1. Are methods such as InstallLocalFile, InstallCatalog, etc supposed to be 
syncronous? Eg, if an app calls them, should it wait for them to complete 
before going on and assuming the job completed? I think it'd be easier to 
implement if they all returned some kind of job ID, and a jobComplete(id) 
signal got emitted, since the packagekit calls are already asynchronous. Then 
it'd be up to the specific app developer if they really want the calls to be 
synchronous or not. I mostly make this point because I'd rather not have a 
bunch of event loops floating around in kded to convert the native async calls 
to sync ones. The exception of course is IsPackageInstalled.

2. What is InstallProvideFile supposed to do? Is it supposed to search the 
list of available files for whats needed? Shouldn't whatProvides() be able to 
handle that?

3. What are the xid and timestamp arguments for? Am I correct in assuming xid 
is an X11 window ID?
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