[packagekit] Managing applications with app-install

Richard Hughes hughsient at gmail.com
Fri Mar 6 09:05:57 PST 2009

Just FYI:


I'm going to try to push this into Fedora for F12. It should be pretty
simple to convert gnome-app-install to use this new data.

When we're finished with the new update viewer, we can start playing
with a new application installer, and switch gpk-application to where it
belongs as a semi-advanced package installer with no frills (no icons
and that sort of thing).

It would be interesting to see how many other distros can adopt this
metadata format. We would be willing to make changes and add
functionality if this is a blocker to acceptance.

Meanwhile, if you have any good UI design ideas for an application
installer, yell. Try to think outside the box a little bit, there's no
point cloning gnome-app-install.

As usual, comments welcome.



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