[packagekit] Res: multiple word searches

Daniel Nicoletti dantti85-pk at yahoo.com.br
Thu Mar 26 05:36:51 PDT 2009

imo it should match against fields,
word "one" in summary and "two" in details will probably have
nothing in common otherwise they would be together.

also in aptcc "foo bar" is for me like "fooANDbar",
and imho using | or & for the public target of packagekit
might not be interesting. As you said the later is more
likely, so i guess switching spaces for an AND
would be enough.

Just my thoughts :D

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Assunto: [packagekit] multiple word searches

I want to add multiple word searches to SearchName and SearchDetails,
something like this:

The "wire" format of the search is "one|two" for an OR search, and
"one&two" for an AND search. Obviously, the user wouldn't use |& in the
search box, but the client can make a policy decision about whether
"one two" is mapped to "one|two" or "one&two". I would imagine the
latter is more likely, but this isn't a policy decision the daemon
should make (comments welcome).

So, can backends support this method of searching easily? One thing we
should probably decided is whether SearchDetails ("one&two") matches:

summary: this is one package
details: this is two words of details

i.e. where the AND match should match against fields, unlike:

summary: this is one and two package
details: this has no relevance

So, is this something we want to add? It seems to be a pretty common RFE
when searching bugzillas. Thanks,


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