[packagekit] no-more-c-structures

Matthias Klumpp matthias at nlinux.org
Mon Nov 9 07:41:08 PST 2009

On Mon, 9 Nov 2009 13:41:34 +0000, Richard Hughes <hughsient at gmail.com>
> I've just merged in the no-more-c-structures branch to
> packagekit-glib2 in git master. It's a pretty big diffstat, but it's
> basically just changing the PkItemFoo C structures into proper Glib
> GObjects. This allows us to extend them in the future without breaking
> ABI or API and also allows cool things like introspection and getting
> bindings for free.
> I've converted all the in-tree users, but please can you test compile
> your backend in the next three weeks before the next release. If you
> have any problems, yell at me and I'll fix things up for you.
> packagekit-glib has not been changed for obvious reasons, so the
> existing users of packagekit-glib (not glib2) do not have to be
> recompiled. Thanks.
> Richard.

Yipee! Thank you for this.


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