[packagekit] 2nd Draft Ready for Review: Ch. 2: PackageKit

Douglas Silas dhensley at redhat.com
Thu Oct 1 14:06:33 PDT 2009

I have completed the second draft of the PackageKit chapter for the 
Fedora 12 Deployment Guide, which you can see here:


I have incorporated a lot of much-appreciated feedback from Richard 
Hughes and Matthias Clasen of the PackageKit team and Rahul 
Kavalapara into this draft.

Notable changes:

* all screenshots have been improved and some added
* discussion of PackageKit's architecture has been moved to the end 
of the chapter, though linked to from the opening paragraph
* explanation of the architecture corrected and expanded
* filter descriptions corrected and expanded (including Only native 
* TOC entries streamlined

Remaining issues:

* I still need a screenshot of the proper Authenticate (for update 
purposes) dialog on F12 Alpha (if someone can provide this, at full 
size in GIMP's .xcf format if possible)
* not all text in Log and Architecture sections is formatted (read: 
bold) yet (waiting for review of accuracy)

Review and feedback is welcome from everyone. For details on how to 
get involved in the Fedora 12 Deployment Guide update, see the 
project page (and join the mailing list) at:


Douglas Silas
Technical Writer | Red Hat, Inc.

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