[packagekit] make pkgenpack work

Saurabh Sharma luckysharma11 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 14 08:37:34 PDT 2009

Hi List,

Just read through 'http://tinyurl.com/m8sr8k' and felt like trying out
I tried out by typing multiple ways in 
# pkgenpack --output=/home/sawrub/ --package=LXDE
but the command failed with following message always.
Failed to open package list.: '/var/lib/PackageKit/system.package-list' 

Tried to locate the file under /var/lib/PackageKit/ manually,but in
vain. It only had desktop-files.db and transactions.db.
Do i need to create the file manually, but i fear as it was not done in any guide

Please help me out in using this utility.

I'm using F11 and following is the sate of PackageKit.

[root at mybox ~]# yum list PackageKit*
Loaded plugins: presto, refresh-packagekit
Installed Packages
PackageKit.i586                         0.4.9-1.fc11        installed
PackageKit-glib.i586                    0.4.9-1.fc11        installed
PackageKit-gstreamer-plugin.i586        0.4.9-1.fc11        installed
PackageKit-gtk-module.i586              0.4.9-1.fc11        installed
PackageKit-yum.i586                     0.4.9-1.fc11        installed
PackageKit-yum-plugin.i586              0.4.9-1.fc11        installed
Available Packages
PackageKit-backend-devel.i586           0.4.9-1.fc11        updates  
PackageKit-browser-plugin.i586          0.4.9-1.fc11        updates  
PackageKit-command-not-found.i586       0.4.9-1.fc11        updates  
PackageKit-cron.i586                    0.4.9-1.fc11        updates  
PackageKit-docs.noarch                  0.4.9-1.fc11        updates  
PackageKit-glib-devel.i586              0.4.9-1.fc11        updates  
PackageKit-qt.i586                      0.4.9-1.fc11        updates  
PackageKit-qt-devel.i586                0.4.9-1.fc11        updates  
PackageKit-smart.i586                   0.4.9-1.fc11        updates

Saurabh Sharma
Linux user number: 490644
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