[packagekit] Implementation of searchFiles in APT backend

Matthias Klumpp matthias at nlinux.org
Sun Oct 25 05:56:27 PDT 2009

On Sun, 25 Oct 2009 09:25:15 +0100, Sebastian Heinlein <sebi at glatzor.de>
> On Fri, Oct 23, 2009 at 11:53:40PM +0200, Matthias Klumpp wrote:
>> On Fri, 23 Oct 2009 16:22:26 +1300, Jean Hubbard  wrote:
>> Wow! Last hour I tried the APTcc backend instead of the APT backend on
>> Ubuntu machine: Never thought that it could be so much faster!
>> I haven't measured anything, but APTcc is so much faster than APT that I
>> could remove nearly all threads I use and I would not see any
>> A standard installation of Songbird takes 10 minutes with Listaller
>> PackageKit with APT backend. If I switch to APTcc backend, it only needs
>> 5
>> minutes (which is far too much, I improve this at time).
>> I will give APTcc a closer look...
> May I ask which kind of transaction do you call? I am not familiar
> with your project. Do you call a lot of SearchFiles and later a
> InstallPackages?

I call a lot of SearchFiles (over 116 times in the sample test package),
then often a Resolve (10 times in sample package) to check if packages are
already installed, and the a InstallPackages (currently one for every
package, but I will change this)
The problem is that the app has to check which packages contain the
libraries the to-be-installed application needs. So we have a lot of
searchFiles calls, but the setup package can be installed on many recent
It may be important that (on this early stage) I call searchFiles one after
one. If i supmit the request parallel I'm sure this will be a lot faster.

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