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Daniel Nicoletti dantti85-pk at yahoo.com.br
Tue Feb 9 04:52:00 PST 2010

Well I'd like to discuss the options but anyway
I'll put here how I'd like to see it.

we create a debconf-communicate-dbus,
this app will do pretty much of what debconf-communicate
does but will not work with SDTIN/STDOUT.
When I created that new frontend Richard helped me
with DBus to create a simple/secure way of talking 2 application
so this app woud register in DBus:
- an interface like org.debian.debconf
 - which has 2 methods and a signal,
 - putData(string), string getData() and a hasDataSignal().
> this will work like debconf-communicate
** putData(string) acts like sending data to STDIN
** string getData() acts getting data from STDOUT
** and hasData() tell us that we can getData()
The signal here instead of a data(string) is because
signals are broadcasted so any app could view your
mysql password for example.

This interface being placed in /etc allow us to only let
root applications to access it's methods thus making
this comunication secure.
Also this interface will not be registered when the application
starts, so we can have several debconf-communicate-dbus
running on the system bus.
When it starts it will put in STDOUT the DBus connection ID.

Now how to integrate this in Pk, is really simple:
KPackageKit or Gnome-PackageKit starts
debconf-communicate-dbus which prints to STDOUT
it's connection ID, this value is then passed to 
PK via setHints("connection-id", connID);
now aptcc or apt backends sets this value to an ENVVAR
and sets the passthrough backend to use dbus
so that when debconf dialogs starts it will see these
vars and start a pont-to-point communication.

This is nice cause the only thing that need changes is
on the backends, Pk already has setHints(string, string);

Please tell me what do you think so we can
elaborate more on this.


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> On Mon, Feb 08, 2010 at 09:53:49AM -0800, Daniel Nicoletti wrote:
> > I'm pinging you on IRC but I think you are off,
> > I really think you don't need any unique data from
> > PK, I have a very simple solution that i think you might
> > like, and we could put an end to this matter,
> > ping me on IRC when you can.
> You can just explain it by e-mail rather than being cryptic in e-mail.
> :-)
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