[packagekit] User Generated Content, PackageKit support?

Fabio Erculiani lxnay at sabayon.org
Tue Feb 9 05:16:49 PST 2010

In Sabayon (Entropy) we have a service called "User Generated Content"
that allows people to vote, comment, and in general attach metadata
(images, YT videos, files) to applications available in our
After a brief IRC discussion with Richard, I've been asked to send the
proposal here, for wider consumption and discussion.
My idea would be adding UGC backend features to PackageKit, I don't
know in what terms yet but what I would like to see is:

- per-package number of downloads metadata -- and ability to send "+n"
signals to backend
- per-application number of votes (and rating in %) -- and ability to
vote apps (if backend support is there)
- per-application images (shots), documents and videos -- and ability
to add them
- define a generic security policy to allow this (user/pass passed to backend?)

First of all, I would like to collect some opinions among you and see
if there's somebody else out there who would like to see this
"standardized" into PackageKit.

Fabio Erculiani

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