[packagekit] Debconf and PackageKit Was Re: Packagekit and Ubuntu

Daniel Nicoletti dantti85-pk at yahoo.com.br
Tue Feb 9 06:00:50 PST 2010

> > This interface being placed in /etc allow us to only let
> > root applications to access it's methods thus making
> > this comunication secure.
> I don't see what /etc has to do with it.  Presumably you mean that it's
> on the system bus, whose default policy is deny.  But we do not want
> only root applications to access these methods!  What we want is to be
> able to permit a *selected non-root application* to access the methods.
> If only root processes can access these methods, then the whole point of
> all this PackageKit stuff is reduced.  You might as well just run the
> package manager directly.  The important thing we gain from running this
> over D-Bus even on the local machine is that we don't have to run the UI
> as root.

I think you missed my point here, my idea was to put this model that you
have upside down, the debconf-communicate process will run as
the user, but is the root process that will talk with it, not the oposite,
that's why i said about a hasData() signal.
For real if you don't like my methods and you already have yours
I'm ok, actually you will do a much better job than I, I'm just
having the felling of the need of another proxy program to be
running on the user session which is the part I don't like,
but of course I might misunderstood you model.

So, how will client tools start debconf as user?

I'm really not too deep in debconf internals you're probably right
about it being a quick hack, 

> Thanks for the note about SetHints (though as far as I can see, we need
> to explicitly enumerate the hints we use in pk_transaction_set_hint).
> However, I'm not sure this is necessary if Richard is already going to
> add the transaction ID as an environment variable.  We don't need to
> invent another ID if PackageKit already has one.

Ok, please correct if I'm wrong,
1 GUI get a PK_TID
2 GUI starts debconf-dbus with this TID (which could register org.debian.debconf.TID
3 The PK backend sets the TID as an ENVVAR
4 The debconf running as root talks to org.debian.debconf.TID

If this is what you're doing I like it, please tell me if there is something
I can help.


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