[packagekit] Debconf and PackageKit Was Re: Packagekit and Ubuntu

Daniel Nicoletti dantti85-pk at yahoo.com.br
Tue Feb 9 07:16:48 PST 2010

> We're assuming here that the transaction-id is secret, I think, because
> the point is that the rootly debconf can talk to an object on the system
> bus whose path is constructed using the transaction-id, and be sure that
> that object was started by the PackageKit client.  Is that assumption
> sound?
no that's not secret, a simple dbus viewer can see all those TIDs

> I'm assuming without having checked that objects on the system
> bus can hide their paths from non-root processes.  If that isn't the
> case, then the UI process will need to use an anonymous object path and
> the rootly backend will need to explicitly check that it knows the
> transaction-id.  This is the same as the access control that James was
> talking about earlier, I think.  This might be clearer anyway if we
> aren't guaranteed to be able to use all the characters of a PackageKit
> transaction-id in an object path; I haven't looked at the format.
And I think this is impossible, any user needs to access the transactions objects,
query it's status. An user might want to cancel a transaction of another user, which
is already possible.
That was one of the things I was a bit confused why you would want TIDs,
so I still think using the DBus connection ID is still a good solution.


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