[packagekit] API changes

Daniel Nicoletti dantti85-pk at yahoo.com.br
Wed Feb 24 12:56:31 PST 2010

> On 24 February 2010 20:19, Daniel Nicoletti  wrote:

> > Richard,
> > I've just commited the autoremove of simulateRemove()
> Could you do lib/packagekit-glib2 as well please. Thanks.
Oh, I thought I did change it... 

> > Can I start the remove_needed change?
> Can you summarise (for the list) why this API change is being done
> please. Thanks.

Installing/updating packages in APT (and some other backends) might
emit packages to be removed, so you might want to allow people to
installPackages on your computer but not to remove. In this case
adding a bool remove_needed to both methods allows PK
to issue Polkit and ask for the remove action just as we do
for only trusted.


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