[packagekit] update cache on packagekit-gnome

D.H. Bahr dbahr at uci.cu
Tue Nov 9 15:26:47 PST 2010

When I say "feedback" I actually mean some way to let the user know the application is working and not crashed... probably a progress bar for this matter. I know this is a fairly quick action most of the time, but here in Cuba many people use modem connections with really low speeds, a few KB per second, so I tend to take that into consideration (maybe more than needed). 

Regarding the patch to packagekit-gnome .. let me take a look at the code and I'll come back at you on that. I believe that is the most elegant solution for my specific problem: have gpk-application check if a refresh-package-list is needed at start. 

Best regards, 

D.H. Bahr 

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On 9 November 2010 21:55, Daniel Hernandez Bahr <dbahr at uci.cu> wrote: 
> I'm thinking on maybe programming a small app only in charge of refreshing 
> the package list that would only be invoked in this case. 

If you use PackageKit-glib2, and some of the code in gnome-packagekit 
(GpkTask) it's a few lines of code. I'm still not sure showing the 
user feedback for a refresh cache operation, but that's up to you. 

Note, you can refresh using gpk-application, and it wouldn't hurt to 
add a patch like you originally suggested. I'm awaiting patches :) 

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