[packagekit] Extending the RepoDetail signal

Jonathan Conder jonno.conder+fdo at gmail.com
Wed Oct 6 21:35:19 PDT 2010

   On 07/10/10 00:52, Richard Hughes wrote:
> If you could send me your other API break ideas I can get some scale
> about how big the API break is going to be. As a starter, I'm planning
> to port PackageKit to GDBus in 0.7 and bump the glib requirement.
I've just thought of this now, so it's not a big priority or anything, 
but it might be nice to have support for package 
recommendations/optional dependencies. I know ALPM and APT both 
implement something like this. What I was thinking of is adding a few 
new entries in PkInfoEnum (ALPM only has one level, "optional 
dependencies", but I believe APT has at least two, "recommends" and 
something else...). The backend could call pk_backend_package with one 
of these values, which would of course be passed to the frontend. Then 
the frontend could display a post-install dialog with a package list 
similar to the update viewer. I would be happy to write the code myself 
at some stage, but like I said it isn't a priority. If anyone feels this 
wouldn't be useful enough to justify adding it (or just "feature creep") 
that's fine with me.


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