[packagekit] app-install 0.1.0 released!

Richard Hughes hughsient at gmail.com
Thu Sep 2 07:41:39 PDT 2010

app-install is a metadata schema and some simple tools for getting
data about applications.

Tarball is located here: http://www.packagekit.org/releases/
Homepage is here: http://github.com/hughsie/app-install

Version 0.1.0
Released: 2010-09-02

 - This is the first public release of app-install. This is the result
   of collaboration between Richard Hughes, Roderick Greening and
   Sebastian Heinlein.
 - This project is merely a data source that can be generated by a
   distribution and send to user in packages or distro metadata.
   This project contains some simple tools to manipulate the data and
   make it easy to install and remove data.
 - This project does not use PackageKit, not does PackageKit use it,
   although it's expected that front-end tools will be using both projects
   as datasources. PackageKit won't know anything about applications.
 - Is it expected that other distros write simple metadata generators,
   which due to a shared standard can be read by application installers.
 - This standard is going to be used in gnome-packagekit, kpackagekit and
   Listaller, and is similar enough to the original text-based format to
   allow applications like the ubuntu software center to be easily ported.
 - The version 1 schema is deliberately super simple. Expect version 2 to
   have cool features like popularity and other stuff like that.

New Features:
 - Switch to manipulating binary databases, and allow adding and
removing by package names (Richard Hughes)
 - Add app-install-query, a tool to query the app-install database
(Richard Hughes)
 - Add app-install-extract-package to explode a distro package to a
tree of files (Richard Hughes)
 - Add a metric-shedload of self tests for AiDatabase (Richard Hughes)
 - Add a metadata generator for apt (Daniel Nicoletti)

 - Fix app-install-generate-yum to work with the new type of database
format (Richard Hughes)
 - Don't explode in app-install-generate if we pass it a full desktop
path (Richard Hughes)
 - Report argument list failures rather than silently exiting (Richard Hughes)
 - Ensure we load the source database not the destination database on
import (Richard Hughes)

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