[packagekit] PackageKit 0.6.15 released!

Richard Hughes hughsient at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 01:18:39 PDT 2011

Version 0.6.15
Released: 2011-06-07

 - gir: Annotations for file arrays (Matthias Klumpp)
 - gir: Some more annotation updates (Matthias Klumpp)
 - packagekit-qt2: Remove package caching as we use const Packages now
(Daniel Nicoletti)

 - alpm: Fix package cache location (Jonathan Conder)
 - alpm: Improve backend messages (Jonathan Conder)
 - aptcc: Emit repos while refreshing cache, and speed up
searchDetails a bit (Daniel Nicoletti)
 - aptcc: Fix the way we emit repos, now it emits the string more
human readable (Daniel Nicoletti)
 - yum: Allow the 'any' WhatProvides kind to match already formatted
provide strings (Richard Hughes)
 - yum: Fix a failure to get updates caused by using the rename of
pre_process (Richard Hughes)
 - zypp: Fix deletion of package locks (bnc#690038) (Duncan Mac-Vicar P)
 - zypp: log to ZYpp's log the start of a PK backend function to ease
debugging (Duncan Mac-Vicar P)

New Features:
 - Added PK_INFO_ENUM_UNTRUSTED so we can tell which packages are
trusted (Daniel Nicoletti)
 - When refreshing cache backends should emit RepoDetail as frontends
will be able to present extra details (Daniel Nicoletti)

 - Do not prevent updating when firefox is running, we don't have all
the client UI ready yet (Richard Hughes)
 - Only include glib-unix.h if the GLib version is >= 2.29.4 (Richard Hughes)

Tarballs available here: http://www.packagekit.org/releases/


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