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Tirtha Chatterjee tirtha.p.chatterjee at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 03:22:52 PDT 2011

On Thu, Jun 9, 2011 at 3:16 AM, Daniel Nicoletti
<dantti85-pk at yahoo.com.br> wrote:
>> I am a KPackageKit user with Fedora, and often while updating
>> packages, I face the following use cases quite often
>> 1. I am behind a slow internet connection. I update approximately once
>> a week. I selectively de-select some of the packages while updating -
>> sometimes because i don't need it, sometimes because I have limited
>> bandwidth and don't want to download big packages.
>> 2. I only select a few of the many packages available for upgrade,
>> because my connection is too slow for a full upgrade. I select the
>> ones very important to my work, and the ones with security fixes.
>> In both of these cases, it is a PITA going through so many packages
>> (which is natural when you update once a week or less), and look for
>> the ones to enable or disable. IMHO, i think a text box acting as a
>> filter for the package names would be very useful in this case. Also,
>> both the use cases I mentioned are quite common in my country and
>> other places where bandwidth is on an average very less. Also, many
>> users selectively ignore some updates even with faster bandwidths.
>> If you like my proposal, I am ready to make the necessary changes in
>> KPackageKit.
> Hi Tirtha,
> well first question: desn't typing on the list help you?
> like you want to pick firefox you type fi..
I want to mention two things here -
1. KDE does not have that dynamic typing feature or whatever it is
called in Gnome, where you get to see whatever you type in a textbox,
something like this http://wstaw.org/m/2011/06/09/snapshot13.png
and can type at ease. If i need to search for an item here, i need to
press all the keys fast at one go.

2. Since packagekit is not aimed for the power user, i think we expect
people to sometimes remember packages not by their exact package
names, but through the descriptions. They can search with a specific
word in the description. For example, to update kspread, i may search
with 'spreadsheet', which is part of the package description. In this
case too, a filter would be quite useful

These are just my views. What do you think?
> I could add a lineEdit which hides the other updates if that would
> be more usefull, just like to know if there a real need to.
> Best,
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