[packagekit] [PATCH] Add support for Plasma service lookup

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at chello.at
Sun Jun 19 21:04:19 PDT 2011


as I explained in my previous mail to this list:
I am working on PackageKit integration for KDE's Plasma.

The attached patches implement the required PackageKit support, both in the 
core and in the frontends. I have tested that those patches compile. I 
haven't done any runtime testing yet because I have to write the Plasma-side 
code first to test this properly.

* packagekit-plasma.patch is the patch for PackageKit itself. It adds a new 
enum member called PK_PROVIDES_ENUM_PLASMA_SERVICE and implements it in the 
yum and zif backends by looking up the RPM Provides generated by this 
All the frontend patches depend on this patch.

* apper-plasma.patch and kpackagekit06-plasma.patch are for Apper (formerly 
known as KPackageKit), respectively for the master and KPACKAGEKIT_0.6.X 
branches. I did the backport for 0.6.x because master has been ported to the 
new PackageKit-Qt 2 binding, so the backport isn't a straightforward merge, 
and the new Apper code from master isn't released yet.

* gnome-packagekit-plasma.patch is for gnome-packagekit. I am least sure 
about this one:
- Do we want this feature in gnome-packagekit at all? (It will help people 
who want to run gnome-packagekit in a KDE Plasma session, or people running 
plasmoidviewer in a GNOME session, or similar corner cases.)
- I'm not as familiar with GTK+ code as with Qt code (though I do have some 
limited GTK+ coding experience), so I'm less confident I did everything 
right. (As I said, I haven't tested these patches beyond "it compiles" yet.)
- The patch doesn't currently do the prettifying of the strings I did in the 
Apper patches, i.e. changing dataengine-%1 to "%1 data engine", where the 
"%1 data engine" string can be translated (and likewise for scriptengine). 
This is because of the 2 points above (I don't want to spend too much time 
on a patch if I'm not sure that it will be used, so I didn't want to mess 
around with the GLib string API more than needed), and also because I'm not 
sure such prettifying is worth it at all for this corner usecase. But I can 
fix that if requested.
- Another suboptimal thing in the patch is that gnome-packagekit supports 
"More info" URLs, and my patch just uses the "DEFAULT" URL class. It might 
make sense to add an additional one for Plasma. Here too, I can add this 
stuff if it is deemed worthwhile.

        Kevin Kofler
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