[packagekit] PackageKit 0.6.13 released!

Richard Hughes hughsient at gmail.com
Mon Mar 7 08:51:45 PST 2011

Tarballs available here: http://www.packagekit.org/releases/

Version 0.6.13
Released: 2011-03-07

 - Allow pk_client_download_packages_async() to be called with no
target directory (Richard Hughes)
 - Port away from PolkitBackendActionLookup to support new versions of
PolicyKit (Richard Hughes)

 - conary: fix get-updates (Jesse Zhang)
 - conary: make update-system faster (Jesse Zhang)
 - conary: not need to call _get_package_update before
_do_package_update (Jesse Zhang)
 - entropy: add forward compatibility with newer Entropy (Fabio Erculiani)
 - entropy: do not switch UrlFetcher using a Client property (Fabio Erculiani)
 - entropy: update handled mime types (Fabio Erculiani)
 - slapt: update to glib2 types (Anders F Bjorklund)
 - slapt: update to new api (Anders F Bjorklund)
 - slapt: update to new slapt (Anders F Bjorklund)
 - slapt: use hash for catgroup (Anders F Bjorklund)
 - yum: Enable use of new callback mode on yum versions that support
it (Panu Matilainen)
 - zif: fix compile with libzif upstream in
zif_store_remote_set_enabled (Richard Hughes)
 - zypp: remove check online in refresh cache (Zhang Qiang)
 - zypp: uses the standard system update algorithm from ZYpp. Fixes
bnc#637764 (Duncan Mac-Vicar P)

 - Add missing python(gio) requirement (Anders F Bjorklund)
 - Check for polkit_authority_get_sync symbol (Anders F Bjorklund)
 - Change the connman DBus name (Zhang Qiang)
 - Update for NetworkManager 0.9 snapshots (Dan Williams)


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