[packagekit] PackageKit 0.8.14 released!

Richard Hughes hughsient at gmail.com
Mon Dec 2 07:09:18 PST 2013

Version 0.8.14
Released: 2013-12-02

 - We've removed and deprecated the parts of PackageKit that either didn't
   work very well, or simply were not being used. The library and soname stays
   the same, but a lot of daemon cruft has been removed.
 - If you're wondering why a particular feature was removed, please either
   look at the commit history or have a look at the ChangeLog.
 - A lot of the work above focused on speed, and packagekitd is substantially
   faster on most backends now. 100ms here, 50ms there; things feel a lot more
   snappy doing the most common operations.

 - Do not add two refs on the PkPackage when in a sack (Richard Hughes)
 - Do not check if the package-id name is valid UTF-8 (Richard Hughes)
 - Do not maintain two arrays of the same packages (Richard Hughes)
 - Do not use g_strdup_printf() when building a package_id (Richard Hughes)
 - Optimise pk_package_set_id() by not using g_strsplit() (Richard Hughes)
 - Remove an overly-cautious dup when setting the package ID (Richard Hughes)

 - box: Remove backend, it's obsolete upstream (Richard Hughes)
 - entropy: Add PackageActionFactory API support (Fabio Erculiani)
 - entropy: Handling SIGQUIT is no longer needed (Fabio Erculiani)
 - entropy: Migrate pk_backend_remove_packages to the new API (Fabio Erculiani)
 - entropy: Port to the new add_package_repository() API (Fabio Erculiani)
 - entropy: Remove support for UpdateSystem (Fabio Erculiani)
 - entropy: Use transaction_flags (Fabio Erculiani)
 - hawkey: Cache the loaded sacks to save 280ms for repeat
transactions (Richard Hughes)
 - hawkey: Do not hardcode x86_64 as the native architecture (Richard Hughes)
 - hawkey: Invalidate the sack cache if anything changes the rpmdb
(Richard Hughes)
 - hawkey: Update the percentage allocation when searching (Richard Hughes)
 - portage: Migrate pk_backend_remove_packages to the new API (Fabio Erculiani)
 - portage: Remove support for UpdateSystem (Fabio Erculiani)
 - portage: Use transaction_flags (Fabio Erculiani)
 - zif: Remove as nearly all functionality is available in hawkey
(Richard Hughes)

Deprecations and Removed Features:
 - Deprecate catalogs in favour of using the low level APIs (Richard Hughes)
 - Deprecate messages as they are never shown to the user (Richard Hughes)
 - Do not allow the user to specify the proxy in PackageKit.conf
(Richard Hughes)
 - Do not check for running processes when we update packages (Richard Hughes)
 - Do not check processes when updating (Richard Hughes)
 - Do not try and guess the default backend when compiling (Richard Hughes)
 - Do not use 'DeveloperMode' as nobody uses it (Richard Hughes)
 - Remove PmUtils script helper (Richard Hughes)
 - Remove service pack functionality (Richard Hughes)
 - Remove support for upgrading very old PackageKit databases (Richard Hughes)
 - Remove the --daemonize command line option (Richard Hughes)
 - Remove the --enable-tests configure argument (Richard Hughes)
 - Remove the RequireRestart plugin with the hardcoded package names
(Richard Hughes)
 - Remove the Udev firmware loading functionality (Richard Hughes)
 - Remove the ability to deselect the network stack at runtime (Richard Hughes)
 - Remove the config option 'BackendSpawnAllowSIGKILL' (Richard Hughes)
 - Remove the config option 'BackendSpawnIdleIOBackground' (Richard Hughes)
 - Remove the config option 'CancelBackgroundTransactions' (Richard Hughes)
 - Remove the config option 'CheckSharedLibrariesInUse' (Richard Hughes)
 - Remove the config option 'NoUpdateProcessList' (Richard Hughes)
 - Remove the config option 'TransactionKeepFinishedTimeout' (Richard Hughes)
 - Remove the config option 'UseIdleBandwidth' (Richard Hughes)
 - Remove the config option 'UseSyslog' (Richard Hughes)
 - Remove the config option 'WritePreparedUpdates' (Richard Hughes)
 - Remove the maintainer tool to get the free licence list (Richard Hughes)

New Features:
 - Update the website and developer docs to reflect reality (Richard Hughes)

 - Don't populate a PkResults object just so we can save one
PkErrorEnum value (Richard Hughes)
 - Don't update the text package cache when refreshing (Richard Hughes)
 - Explicitly mark the required PolicyKit as a hard dep (Richard Hughes)
 - Never ever use WError (Richard Hughes)
 - Only get the sender cmdline when the value is going to be used
(Richard Hughes)
 - Only load the transaction introspection once (Richard Hughes)
 - Only validate UTF-8 text from the spawned backends (Richard Hughes)
 - Speed up loading the transaction introspection by 13ms (Richard Hughes)

Tarballs available here: http://www.packagekit.org/releases/


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