[packagekit] [PATCH 0 of 4] Improve the PiSi backend

Steve Nordquist steve.nordquist at gmail.com
Sun Jun 9 20:51:09 PDT 2013

Iff !toxicquestion{
  Can Pisi log be briefer, e.g.
  pisi update $CREDENTIALS     : Has 7 lines (for every package/dep) where
one will do save -v (-vv?) or -t --terse  invocation
  pisi history -l 2     : Has '$pkg upgraded from a to b with delta.' where
a and b are fogged by arch, build (distro); also
                                   number similarity; s.b.    df upgraded
from 3.7.9 to .7.10 by 41GiB delta. (Seems legit. I did SHA4000 checksums.)
  pisi upgrade $CREDENTIALS     : as update, although now I think the color
scheme looks like a chicken avacado sprout sammich
                                      so perhaps I shouldn't break diet
guidelines led by relative preponderance of text. #avacado lobby sponsors
  pisi info libgtk-3     : :) Okay, so the short of it is that the
installed package is the same as the one in the(!) SolusOS repository but
                                   somehow has no reverse (!) deps to
libgtk-3-devel (and later, there's no package in source repos?) or -demo or
                                   #uploading reverse deps to repo...
elseif {
     fprint 'bad user no cookie\n'}
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