[packagekit] PackageKit 0.8.13 released!

Richard Hughes hughsient at gmail.com
Fri Nov 22 06:49:51 PST 2013

Version 0.8.13
Released: 2013-11-22

 - hawkey: Calculate the pkgid in all cases to fix a crash on remove
(Richard Hughes)
 - hawkey: Calibrate the progress bars on more transactions (Richard Hughes)
 - hawkey: Check if the package is downloaded before trying to
download (Richard Hughes)
 - hawkey: Do not crash when installing local files (Richard Hughes)
 - hawkey: Do not explode in a ball of fire if the dbpath couldn't be
generated (Richard Hughes)
 - hawkey: Do not load all the repos just to write the yumdb entry
(Richard Hughes)
 - hawkey: Do not load the updateinfo unless required (Richard Hughes)
 - hawkey: Do not log the state if the combined time is less than 1ms
(Richard Hughes)
 - hawkey: Don't try to clean the source if it does not yet exist
(Richard Hughes)
 - hawkey: Download to a temp location before nuking the previous
metadata (Richard Hughes)
 - hawkey: Fix a crash when writing the yumdb metadata (Richard Hughes)
 - hawkey: Never go back to the test-commit phase when running the
transaction (Richard Hughes)
 - hawkey: Run all the backend methods in threads (Richard Hughes)
 - hawkey: Support .repo files having metalink and not mirrorlist
(Richard Hughes)
 - hawkey: Switch the backend job to 'running' when it's been set up
(Richard Hughes)
 - hawkey: Use hy_query_filter_latest_per_arch() to fix multiarch
(Richard Hughes)
 - hawkey: Use the new hy_query_filter_provides_in() (Richard Hughes)
 - hawkey: Use the xattr hash value when checking files (Richard Hughes)
 - hawkey: librepo now tells us when the download size has been
recalculated (Richard Hughes)
 - poldek: Adapt to the new API (Jakub Bogusz)
 - yum: Do not auto-close the rpmdb when running a transaction (Richard Hughes)

New Features:
 - Add a systemd packagekit.service file (Colin Walters)
 - Provide a way to run the spawned backend under strace (Richard Hughes)
 - Raise the GLib dep to 2.32 (Richard Hughes)

 - Fix the --with-systemdsystemunitdir option to actually work (Richard Hughes)
 - Do not abort the daemon if we can't write to a database (Richard Hughes)
 - Do not proxy the action states when simulating (Richard Hughes)
 - Don't crash if ProxyHTTP is set (Richard Hughes)
 - Fix a small memory leak spotted by clang (Richard Hughes)
 - Fix critical warning when killing a backend with new versions of
GLib (Richard Hughes)
 - Fix memory leak when running plugins (Thomas Perl)
 - Fix memory leak when using new versions of GLib (Richard Hughes)
 - Ignore the prefix when dealing with the PackageKit prepared update
(Richard Hughes)
 - Make the debugging print formatter thread safe (Richard Hughes)
 - Remove duplicate assignment of pkcon '-y' option (Thomas Perl)
 - browser-plugin: Never use the application icon (Richard Hughes)
 - systemd-updates: Log all warnings and notices to the journal (Richard Hughes)
 - systemd-updates: Show some text progress (Richard Hughes)

Tarballs available here: http://www.packagekit.org/releases/


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