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Wow, did you hit Send Later in webmail somehow; your message is tagged
March 22. Set a clock, replace a RTC battery on your motherboard as needed,
maybe use network clock sources in prefs.

Don't be silly that you don't understand code; it's all words and a little
syntax and a little looking up: Red SUV vs. Hot SUV, programmable editor v.
typesetting and art compositor, javascript console and dash versus bash
command line. Even for the graphic stuff books are fine accompaniment. I
think there was something on news.ycombinator.com about how to take notes
on paper as you go. In February, so just search if you don't have a perfect
notes method already.

Discussion forum for use or for the particular Linux distribution you
picked might give a better spread of experience, for someone not actually
adding Packagekit to their Linux distribution. Glad you read into some of
the details though, as the parts mostly do connect into stacks, plates with
sidecars, and knuckleballs..like a restaurant near a park. A few MOOCs and
you're in the swing of it, though streaming video or Distrowatch Weekly and
a few particular tutorials, especially ones from an online forum on the
distribution you grabbed, can help you find the wheel.

You weren't looking at all the packages you could install, and then
treating it like Windows' Update, were you? It's not; you see a list of
packages for your branch of Linux (core, dsl, Fedora, RHEL, SUSE, Debian,
and so on; see distrowatch.org or perhaps osnews.com or lwn.net) which can
be installed already compiled. You can also activate source repositories
and switch among repositories to get stable (let's say well-tested; no
loose ignition switches) or exploratory among the compatible builds of a
project (e.g. Greyhounds.) You don't control that list unless you post
something you built or wrote to the repository. You control the checkmarks,
and drawing down uninstall on something not installed won't change much
(though it was available as a formality and housekeeping notion, like
asking for less towels in a hotel bath.)

Weighted critical reviews are a little new in PackageKit, so you might also
want to look for roguelike, racing, flubopuyo/4-in-a-row, memory, language,
perl7, etc. games you expect you'd like in
places that curate, for example IndieStatik.com or GOG.com, Steam.com or if
your PC's 11 perhaps look for gtk games (njam) and javascript pacman.
Definitely get Regex Explorer installed and you can be globbing to your
profit in no time.

On Sat, Mar 22, 2014 at 12:47 PM, gregory battaglia <
gregorybattaglia at hotmail.com> wrote:

>   Hi:
> I am a total newbie to almost everything Linux, having spent the last 11
> years in Windows XP.
> I have Fedora 18, which, as you may know, is now at EOL and so there's
> probably no new updates.
> However, Software Install does show a lot of downloadable  stuff in its
> various categories.
> But here's where it's functionality seems in question. For example, in
> Games, I highlighted this one game
> package that Iwanted to delete called "Greyhounds..." by clicking the
> little box next to it to get the check
> mark. Then I clicked on Remove Package. Then I clicked Apply Changes. Then
> I clicked Exit. But when I
> went back to Software Install to verify the deletion, "Greyhounds..." was
> still listed. Why is this?
> And what does the blue + over the box mean?
> Please advise, but know that I can't do know how to read or write any
> coded expressions.
> All I know is how to operate a GUI with mouse clicks. I realize this is
> blasphemy in the GNU
> community, but I wish that Linux variants like Fedora with Gnome desktop
> were more GUI
> and less
> Thanks
> Greg
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