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Lucas Moura lucas.moura128 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 26 18:51:56 UTC 2016


My name is Lucas Moura and I am Google Summer of Code Student working for
the Debian project. My summer project is related to AppRecommender, a
Debian package recommender system:


This application works by creating an user profile based on the user
installed packages, this profile is basically the most significant terms on
all user packages. With this profile built, AppRecommender uses Xapian to
query for Debian packages and display the closest ones with the query.

Currently, this application can only be used via terminal access. However,
my gsoc project is to change that, and allow AppRecommender to be
integrated into graphical package managers:


I originally thought about integrating it with PackageKit, since this would
allow some famous graphical package managers to actually show the
recommendations, such as Gnome-software.

However, since AppRecommender only works for Debian and Ubuntu distros, I
would like to ask what would be the best approach to integrate
AppRecommender with PackageKit and the opinion of the application
maintainers with this idea.

Lucas Moura
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