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Tue Jun 13 22:43:30 UTC 2017


My work's network requires using a proxy for any internet access.  I've yet
to find a way to get a proxy to work with PackageKit.

If you simply try to set the proxy using GNOME settings page you are
greeted with:

$ pkcon refresh
Command failed: The proxy could not be set:
setting the proxy failed

I've tried setting http_proxy(plus others ftp_proxy, etc) environment
variables but that does help (including being sure are or aren't set for
different accounts.

I've tried setting the ProxyHTTP setting in PackageKit.conf (as mentioned
but nothing seems to make a difference.

It continues to either error out when it tries to use the session's proxy
settings or it timesout cause it obviously isn't using the proxy and can't
connect to anything. This is not a proxy that requires authentication or
anything odd.

Is it just broken or am I missing something? I'm currently using the Fedora
26 Beta but this problem has existed for many releases. DNF works fine so
things can manually be installed or updated but gnome-software is entirely

These bugs have some more info (
or https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1348843[bugzilla.redhat.com]

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