[packagekit] PackageKit 1.1.11 released!

Richard Hughes hughsient at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 08:56:38 UTC 2018

Version 1.1.11
Released: 2018-09-25

 - aptcc: Fix invalid version dereference in AptInf::providesCodec()
(Julian Andres Klode)
 - aptcc: Fix memory leak when GstMatcher has no matches (Daniel Nicoletti)
 - aptcc: Only autoremove packages that relate to the current
transaction (Robert Ancell)
 - aptcc: Removing duplicate delete call (Julio Faracco)
 - aptcc: Use installed version to determine garbage (Julian Andres Klode)
 - dnf: Adapt for DnfAdvisory changes in new libdnf (Kalev Lember)
 - dnf: Adapt for dnf_package_get_advisories() free func changes (Kalev Lember)
 - dnf: Allow module filtering (Jaroslav Mracek)
 - dnf: Avoid using deprecated hy_goal_downgrade_to() (Kalev Lember)
 - dnf: Increase the BR requirement for the latest API (Richard Hughes)
 - dnf: Reflect latest changes in libdnf (Jaroslav Mracek, Daniel Mach)
 - nix: Build with Nix 2.0 correctly (Matthew Bauer)

New Features:
 - Add --autoremove option to pkcon (Robert Ancell)
 - Shutdown the daemon on idle by default (Richard Hughes)

 - De-register callbacks on PkClientHelper finalize (Robert Ancell)
 - Don't complain if command-not-found get uninstalled while running
(Adam Jackson)
 - Fix critical on idle shutdown (Kalev Lember)
 - Fix issues with debconf helper not working (Robert Ancell)
 - Never assert when an interactive TTY is not available (Richard Hughes)
 - Schedule offline update service to run after
system-update-pre.target (Kalev Lember)
 - Shut down services cleanly before rebooting after offline updates
(Alan Jenkins)

Tarballs available here:


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